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We need to stop the normalisation of this ideology

My daughter announced she was trans a few years ago. She wishes to pursue medical transition. She is 15, autistic and has many mental health issues. School, mental health services and medical services have all changed her name and pronouns against my wishes. We need to stop the normalisation of this ideology. Stop teaching kids they can be the opposite sex if they want to. Stop allowing medical experimentation on the young, autistic, mainly bi or lesbian girls of this generation.

I helped start Bayswater Support Group, a parent support network to help parents who question the affirmation only approach to kids who declare a trans identity. I have attended feminist events, I shout loud on twitter and have conversations with relevant medical and mental health personnel to try and change their approach.

I have lost one of my oldest friends as her child was one of the youngest to ever take puberty blockers in the uk. I have been blocked by friends because I refuse to accept this ideology.

Genuinely , A mum and a doctor, ready to do battle to keep the gender ideologies away from my child

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I know how important language is

I care because I can see how important this is to women’s rights. I could not understand that people were making untrue statements such as trans women are women – and this was to be recognised legally. I know how important language is to if we redefine woman then women’s rights are also under threat. I started looking into the issue further and was horrified to see the promotion of gender ideological ideals being pushed in schools (the various agencies they use and the games they play such as the dice – that is not sex education – it is entirely hedonistic), children being given hormone blockers with little empirical evidence of the long term effects. I cannot believe that this is being allowed here in the UK. I am a mother, I taught for 15 years and I am shocked that children have not been protected from this – absolute madness.

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I’ve been on Twitter and I have informed friends which include teachers, nursers, and specialist children’s service workers. None of them knew about this. I don’t feel I can share anything publicly,

I reasoned if something as benign as JK.Rowling’s series of tweets was deemed hate speech (seriously this term needs explaining as there was nothing hateful in those tweets) I thought people might think I was transphobic and bigoted.

I have no issue with people want to dress or present but I do believe that sex education should not be about gender identity – rather it should be biologically based with discussion on sexual orientation (gay, lesbian, bi, heterosexual) with discussion on intimacy and love discussed too.

I have had someone calling me ‘asshole’, TERF, bigot and ignorant on social media (Twitter) when talking with others about not feeling we could share anything publicly, the thread was asking if anyone had joined anonymously just to discuss this issue – many of us had. Someone intercepted the discussion (nothing derogatory about any group of people, it was only saying things like ‘I wasn’t aware of this issue). I have not been rude or hostile to anyone in the discussions.

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I have been permabanned from Twitter for saying a male cannot be a lesbian

I care because I’m a woman and I have a daughter. As a mother I want to keep woman’s rights protected and ensure she’ll have even more safety and opportunity than I had.

I’ve been very active in social media and building up a network to take action in my home country.

I have been permabanned from twitter, losing my personal account of 7 years for saying a male cannot be a lesbian. I lost every subsequent account I opened with the reason being ‘banned for running multiple account for the purpose of hateful behaviour’.  All appeals denied.

Jane, Proud Irish mom and feminist


I cannot risk giving them cause to come knocking

My son’s close friend’s sister came out as lesbian at 13 then a year later, after saying her girlfriends parents didn’t like her, is transitioning. Haircut and boys name. She says my son’s friend is trans too – an autistic tomboy.

I have not raised my voice except for anonymous engagement on Twitter to support others because my son is home-schooled and has SEND being autistic himself which means I am already seen as a ‘problem parent’ by authorities. I cannot risk giving them cause to come knocking.

I did not provide the gushing support anticipated by the girls’ mother and so our families are no longer close. My son’s former best friend now bullies him online, going out of her way to spread lies about him, tease him and undermine any new friendships he makes.



I want my daughter to enjoy sex based rights

I want to have sex-based rights so I can take part in public life on something approaching an equal footing with men. I want my daughter to enjoy those rights, and my mother, and female relatives and friends.

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Equally, I cannot tolerate the fact that gender ideologues have been sterilising little kids by telling them they were “born in the wrong body,” and giving them toxic drug cocktails to change the appearance of their bodies. It’s dystopian. Finally, I stand with lesbian women who simply want to live as lesbians without being harassed by delusional, entitled, frequently predatory Autogynephiliac males. The trans-activist agenda has been too misogynistic, irrational, pseudoscientific and harmful to child safeguarding to stay silent, despite the costs of speaking up.

I have written articles and blogs, written countless letters including to my kids’ schools, visited my MP and school leaders, supported other women speaking out however I can, donated to countless crowdfunders, e-petitioned, organised meetings with other mothers, and been as loud and persistent as possible on social media (while avoiding being thrown off the platform). 

Several years ago, I was vocal in my criticism of gender ideology while writing under my own name online.

Trans activists made pornographic webpages attached to my name which came up high in online search results.

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They bombarded me with abuse and threats whenever I spoke online, to the extent that I began to fear offline violence. They doxxed my personal details. As I had a baby at the time, I decided to prioritise our safety and security and fell silent, leaving the ‘debate.’ I remain angry to this day that TRAs effectively terrorised me into silence, helping to ensure less opposition to their polticidal agenda of erasing women’s sex-based rights.