Healthcare Parent

I have lost friends

I care about the ability to name reality, women’s safety, dignity & privacy, the safeguarding of children. I don’t think the trans movement will encourage genuine acceptance of trans people or lower their suicide rate. I think we should be open and accepting of AGP. I care that children are being told their bodies are wrong and need to be changed.

I have written to my child’s school & talked to people in person.

I have lost friends

Lucy, Mum & concerned member of society


There are no boy ‘things’ or girls ‘things’, just ‘things’

I have been interested in the changing terminology of ‘woman’ and being exposed to gender ideology. My children are in primary school and I am happy for them to be taught about sexuality and different types of relationships. I have been concerned by the influence of Mermaids on school policy and education. There are two sexes. Gender is a social contruct and should be pushed in to the open, where there are no boy ‘things’ or girls ‘things’, just ‘things’.

I have done very little, becauase I follow on social media and have seen the consequences for those who speak out.

I tend not to speak about this with my family or friends, as I never know what the response might be, it is usually that my opinion is a bigoted one, or ill informed. That I dont understand what it is like to be Trans.

Louise, Woman and parent


We are no longer entitled to privacy, dignity or safety

I care because the sex based protections afforded to me and my daughter by law are being destroyed and that we are no longer entitled to privacy, dignity or safety.

It’s also a sexist stereotype to ” live as a woman”. I don’t wear makeup or dress in especially feminine clothing. Does that mean I am less of a woman even though I bore children?

I have written to my local theatre about them changing some of their female toilets to accept men without consulting their customers. They replied that it was down to their diversity committee and they would not reconsider.

I live in Scotland and got in touch with an educational provider of resources for schools in Scotland regarding relationships etc to enquire about a video they linked to on their website. It was very one-sided about a boy becoming transgender but disregarded how this impacted on girls. They replied that they decided to remove the video; not because of my reasoning but because they realised that the material contained sexist stereotypes that they were uncomfortable with.

I wrote to a castle in Aberdeenshire about their mixed sex toilets. On entering I assumed that they were self-contained and I think the large bearded tourist in front of me was as uncomfortable as I was. I wrote to the castle’s representative and asked why they had chosen to do this. The reply was that the men’s used to be separate but the building became unsafe and they had limited space and planning permission. When I wrote back to explain why mixed sex toilets we’re bad for women and girls ( I cited voyeurism and privacy) they ignored me.

I have written to some MPs and MSPS with mixed results and some patronising comments.

I have delivered some leaflets for For Women Scotland. I do not know if there was anything positive from this but I felt better at doing something albeit anonymously.

If I do anything, it’s usually as a private communication with a company or politician.

I don’t feel confident or comfortable doing it in a more public forum. I did it once on Facebook and received some negative feedback in the form of cartoons. I gleaned from one cartoon from someone who I regarded as a close childhood friend that I was “an asshole”.

Tombs of Atuan, Mother of school age children

Healthcare Parent

As a parent I want my children to grow up in safety

Its basic human rights to feel safe. As a parent I want my children to grow up in safety.

I haven’t done as much as I should. With my children in school I’ve been afraid of the fall out affecting them. My child’s father is in university, which isn’t the best place to be if your partner is a “terf”. He’s concerned I’ll ruin his future.

But I helped in TransRational. A group which fought for fair rights between women & transwomen. It unfortunately failed around the same time as Posie parker went to America.

I’ve been lucky. I get a lot of online abuse. But I generally ignore what I can.



I cannot risk giving them cause to come knocking

My son’s close friend’s sister came out as lesbian at 13 then a year later, after saying her girlfriends parents didn’t like her, is transitioning. Haircut and boys name. She says my son’s friend is trans too – an autistic tomboy.

I have not raised my voice except for anonymous engagement on Twitter to support others because my son is home-schooled and has SEND being autistic himself which means I am already seen as a ‘problem parent’ by authorities. I cannot risk giving them cause to come knocking.

I did not provide the gushing support anticipated by the girls’ mother and so our families are no longer close. My son’s former best friend now bullies him online, going out of her way to spread lies about him, tease him and undermine any new friendships he makes.



I want my daughter to enjoy sex based rights

I want to have sex-based rights so I can take part in public life on something approaching an equal footing with men. I want my daughter to enjoy those rights, and my mother, and female relatives and friends.

Wild Woman

Equally, I cannot tolerate the fact that gender ideologues have been sterilising little kids by telling them they were “born in the wrong body,” and giving them toxic drug cocktails to change the appearance of their bodies. It’s dystopian. Finally, I stand with lesbian women who simply want to live as lesbians without being harassed by delusional, entitled, frequently predatory Autogynephiliac males. The trans-activist agenda has been too misogynistic, irrational, pseudoscientific and harmful to child safeguarding to stay silent, despite the costs of speaking up.

I have written articles and blogs, written countless letters including to my kids’ schools, visited my MP and school leaders, supported other women speaking out however I can, donated to countless crowdfunders, e-petitioned, organised meetings with other mothers, and been as loud and persistent as possible on social media (while avoiding being thrown off the platform). 

Several years ago, I was vocal in my criticism of gender ideology while writing under my own name online.

Trans activists made pornographic webpages attached to my name which came up high in online search results.

Wild Woman

They bombarded me with abuse and threats whenever I spoke online, to the extent that I began to fear offline violence. They doxxed my personal details. As I had a baby at the time, I decided to prioritise our safety and security and fell silent, leaving the ‘debate.’ I remain angry to this day that TRAs effectively terrorised me into silence, helping to ensure less opposition to their polticidal agenda of erasing women’s sex-based rights.