Women have enough to deal with

Women have enough to deal with. Men being in our spaces is an additional burden and intrusion. After all most are still biologically men

I have Tweeted, joined small groups, contacted my MP, Local Authority, attended meetings

Any consequences? Not at all

Ecuadorian Mum, I stand with JK Rowling,


Sex fucking matters

I am concerned ecause I find it frightening (appalling actually) to think that self-ID could allow men into women’s spaces. To allow men to take opportunities and positions set aside for women. We need to be able to organise ourselves and be recognised and protected as a distinct category, separate from men. It’s not possible to change sex, and sex fucking matters. I have a young daughter who I want to protect from having to share her most intimate spaces with men. She shouldn’t have to compromise on her identity or safety to accommodate the feelings of men.

I attended a few talks. Opened a Twitter account to follow more GC women and learn so as to be informed when having discussions about this in real life to people I know.

I haven’t had any major consequences because I hold back a LOT worried of it affecting my friendships.

Lil , F*cking fed up


Women need their own words, spaces, rights to assemble

I care because I am a Woman. I care because I have a daughter. Women need their own words, spaces, rights to assemble. No other class of people would be told they must accept their oppressor into their own class of people. Moreover, my daughter is disabled and my responsibilities stretch beyond my own lifetime. I want to know her right to same-sex care will be protected. Her right to undress outwith the male gaze is maintained.

In a world in which Women are overly sexualised from an early age it is appalling that we would be asked to give up our privacy. Telling Women to embrace discomfort or that saying no is bigotry is coercive.

My Government has already redefined Woman in one Act- more will follow and in law Women will no longer be deemed to exist as a material reality. This terrifies me as if we do not exist as a material reality violence against Women disappears, sexism disappears, misogyny disappears. How often Women are told their concerns are ‘all in their head’ like their concerns are made up, imagined, but when something is in a man’s head it automatically becomes truth.

I have set up a social media account devoted to this subject in an attempt to get information to as many Women as possible since Governments are not informing Women of the changes that are being made. I attended a demonstration. I attend Women’s meeting. I leafleted re GRA reform. I have written to politicians.

I have been name-called on social media. Being called Terf is a regular occurrence. I have been added to ‘Nazi’ lists. I have received threatening memes. And sexual comments have been made to me. I have been called stupid, and told I need re educated as many times as I have been called Terf.

EH, worried, exhausted but still standing


Reality matters

Reality matters. If we can’t name reality then we can’t address any unfairness, injustice or exploitation.

I got pregnant from a rape (one of many) when I was a young and vulnerable adult, and how I have been targeted on the basis of and generally affected by, my female biology since I was a young child, has had huge and devastating consequences for my entire life. Sex matters. Recognising sex matters. I can’t live in a world where I am forced to pretend reality doesn’t exist and that males who are uncomfortable or deeply distressed with masculinity or who fetishise the idea of themselves as feminine/a woman are the most vulnerable/the most superior type of woman. I can guarantee none of them are raising their rapist’s baby as a single parent living in poverty. Poverty which has resulted from repeated sexual, physical and emotional victimisation by men since the age of 11.

I do not do as much as I would like as I already live in fear of being re-victimised by violent men.

I have seen the violent rhetoric, the threats, the bullying, the harassment of women who have spoken out. I only speak about my views amongst those I know and trust now.

I lost acquaintances and once I realised the things that were happening to others I became very circumspect about what I say and to whom.

Ms S, Frightened woman,


If they found out my RL identity I would be unsafe

I care about this because I am a woman, and I care about other women’s safety. If I were to be imprisoned tomorrow, there could be a transwoman in my cell.

Sex segregated spaces are essential, and to include men in them makes them pointless.


Legally, the definition of woman needs to mean adult human female.  I also have an autistic child, and find the stats around trans indentified minors terrifying, given the current state of affirmative ‘healthcare’.

I have joined Twitter to learn more, support gender critical Twitter, share & write posts, and fill out consultations when they are available. I post on Facebook about gender critical issues occasionally. I have bought merchandise that supports gender critical campaigns.  

I have been called TERF, Nazi, bigot, personally insulted, threatened with rape, and it has been suggested that if they found out my RL identity I would be unsafe. For this reason my Twitter a/c is not in my real name as I would be easily identified.

In real life I have been told I shouldn’t talk about these issues, because it’s ‘unkind’.

Isobel, Adult human female, feminist, mother of an autistic son


We are no longer entitled to privacy, dignity or safety

I care because the sex based protections afforded to me and my daughter by law are being destroyed and that we are no longer entitled to privacy, dignity or safety.

It’s also a sexist stereotype to ” live as a woman”. I don’t wear makeup or dress in especially feminine clothing. Does that mean I am less of a woman even though I bore children?

I have written to my local theatre about them changing some of their female toilets to accept men without consulting their customers. They replied that it was down to their diversity committee and they would not reconsider.

I live in Scotland and got in touch with an educational provider of resources for schools in Scotland regarding relationships etc to enquire about a video they linked to on their website. It was very one-sided about a boy becoming transgender but disregarded how this impacted on girls. They replied that they decided to remove the video; not because of my reasoning but because they realised that the material contained sexist stereotypes that they were uncomfortable with.

I wrote to a castle in Aberdeenshire about their mixed sex toilets. On entering I assumed that they were self-contained and I think the large bearded tourist in front of me was as uncomfortable as I was. I wrote to the castle’s representative and asked why they had chosen to do this. The reply was that the men’s used to be separate but the building became unsafe and they had limited space and planning permission. When I wrote back to explain why mixed sex toilets we’re bad for women and girls ( I cited voyeurism and privacy) they ignored me.

I have written to some MPs and MSPS with mixed results and some patronising comments.

I have delivered some leaflets for For Women Scotland. I do not know if there was anything positive from this but I felt better at doing something albeit anonymously.

If I do anything, it’s usually as a private communication with a company or politician.

I don’t feel confident or comfortable doing it in a more public forum. I did it once on Facebook and received some negative feedback in the form of cartoons. I gleaned from one cartoon from someone who I regarded as a close childhood friend that I was “an asshole”.

Tombs of Atuan, Mother of school age children


Women’s safe spaces will be eroded

I am concerned that if self-id legislation is introduced then men will be able to identify as women and women’s safe spaces will be eroded. I am concerned that male prisoners will self-identify as female so that they can be transferred to a women’s prison. As a parent I am  concerned that children are being allowed to stop their puberty and are then put on cross sex hormones at a young age and I am concerned about women losing out on sporting opportunities to trans women.

I have written to Marks and Spencer about their changing room policies. I also post on Twitter. I complained to the GMC about the behaviour of Dr Adrian Harrop.

I have had negative reactions on Twitter from Trans Rights Activists.