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When archeologists uncover the bones of someone dead for thousands of years, their natal sex is easily discovered

I care about this issue because biology matters.  This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that when archeologists uncover the bones of someone dead for thousands of years, their natal sex is easily discovered.  This matters to me also because I am terrified for my grandchildren, that they may be exposed to the warped views of the ‘Gender’ army.

I have written to my MP to ask that she is raises her voice in ensuring there is no change to women’s rights to safe spaces and that the GRA legislation should not be passed without a great deal more consultation.  I have completed the Scottish Governments consultation on changes to the Gender rights Act.  This is particularly important as I live in Scotland.  I have also taken part in a demonstration against the proposed bill.

I have not spoken in a public arena about my views.

Donella, Granny, great granny, lesbian

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Women’s rights are new, fragile and threatened

I care because women’s rights are new, fragile and threatened. And trans ideology is not only dangerous but absurd.

I actively support Speak Up For Women, a New Zealand group fighting against sex self-id.

I have lost clients, been threatened, been smeared by activists and by journalists working in national mainstream media.

Sunil W, self employed/ own business, New Zealand

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I have been smeared and my views have been misrepresented

I care about this issue because it’s an assault on women’s rights. The longer I have been involved in reading, researching and writing about it the more it becomes clear that women’s rights are in a perilous position. Nobody at the top level is keeping an eye on enforcing legislation which protects women and girls. It has been far too easy for lobby groups to make inroads into women’s public safety with no challenge.

It has been an eye-opener to see how little women and girls are respected or even acknowledged by the people who we elect to represent us. It feels like there is no democracy for women who don’t agree that men are women too.

The reasons women need single-sex protections hasn’t gone away but we are having to have the arguments for them all over again.

I have written a personal blog about many of the aspects of trans ideology which impact on women and girls in various different areas of life. I’ve also blogged on Medium, contributed to other publications and written articles for the local press.

I’ve (unsuccessfully) pitched to the national press. I have written a Children’s Rights Impact Assessment of the Allsorts trans toolkit and sent it out to MPs and local councillors. I have contributed to consultations, written to my MP and others, attended my MP’s surgery, provided evidence for inquiries, attended meetings and demonstrations, joined campaigns and spoken at meetings. I’ve done a few tweets.

I have been smeared and my views have been misrepresented. I have been attacked as a person on social media, sometimes with such vitriol I’ve had to take a step back for a while to recover, before joining the fray again. I have suffered a more physical type of threat at  meetings I have attended, and during campaign activities like leafletting. I have lost friends, especially in the early days of speaking up (although overall I have subsequently gained more so I can’t complain…) I have sometimes felt completely stressed out because the whole thing is a head fuck but the responsibility to keep going can feel overwhelming.

Helen Saxby, Writer, blogger, campaigner, helensaxby11/

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I am extremely concerned that trans ideology has very serious issues around child protection

I care because I am a woman and the erasure of women’s rights affects all natal females in terms of our personal care, privacy, safety, sports and careers. I am a parent of a young child and want my son and his peers to grow up free of oppressive gender stereotypes. I also worked with vulnerable children and adults with learning difficulties, including autism, and with the elderly in a hospital setting for many years. As such I am extremely concerned that trans ideology has very serious issues around child protection and child and young adult mental health.

I have contributed to quite a few crowdfunders for women’s rights, sex discrimination and for freedom of speech. I have written to my MP and completed the Scottish GRA consultation questionnaire. I wrote to M&S about their changing room policy. I have signed many petitions and asked my name to be added to letters in support of feminists I follow on Twitter. I retweet a lot but am not confident to share my own voice. I have talked about it with friends, family and some clients at work.

My family and friends (mainly female) don’t like me mentioning it as they don’t understand my concerns and think that I’m overreacting so I tend to avoid it these days. I have to choose who I speak to about the topic quite carefully. This I think is mainly due to their belief that transwomen have all had GRS, that the suicide stats are true and that the ‘born in the wrong body’ ideology is also true. Unfortunately as such they don’t think that the issue will really affect them despite me trying to give them information to the contrary.

Nina C, Self employed/own business

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It really is a men’s sexual rights and privilege movement

I care because I am a woman, and trans ideology and legislation is eroding women’s rights. Once you take a proper look, it becomes very clear that transgenderism is not only a backlash to feminism, and the women’s liberation movement, but that it really is a men’s sexual rights and privilege movement. I also feel sad for the many traumatised people – particularly, gender non-nonconforming, lesbians, gay men, autism spectrum and mentally vulnerable, who are being told they need to have surgeries and take harmful hormones. Any system that tells people, particularly children that their bodies are wrong is abusive

I’m better at visuals than writing, and to shine a light on the insane dogma and gas lighting in mainstream media I started comically editing, trans and queer media propaganda, and creating hilarious gender critical memes – to share on social media, eventually publishing them on a Facebook page. Unfortunately due to too much hilarity and truth, the page kept getting suspended and finally got permanently unpublished by Facebook last month.

I have lost work. I wrote a comment on a Facebook advert about how many trans identified males are autogynephilic, stating that we have over 40 years of peer reviewed science supporting the theory, with links to Blanchardrence etc. Trans activists wrote to my studio. (I’m a yoga teacher) and they said I hate trans people and I got fired by the studio, they also wrote to a teacher I trained with and she took me off her list of trained teachers. Obviously I don’t hate anyone, I just don’t believe the insane dogma.

, Free speech; if I genuinely believe that men cannot become women (etc.) this opinion should not be suppressed. This is not a “phobia”, but an empirical belief.

AB, bloominanna


They completely sold out on true humanist beliefs and it was intolerable to remain a member

I am a humanist and believe strongly in science and do not believe religious beliefs to be true.  I had to leave Humanists UK as they submitted a submission to the GRA consultation that was based on gender ideology. They completely sold out on true humanist beliefs and it was intolerable to remain a member. They treated members who spoke up very poorly.

I have been a lesbian ally for over 35 years so am horrified by the misogyny and aggression being directed at lesbians for being same sex attracted and for defending their right to be so. I also am a history graduate and it is clear to see that the female sex has been discriminated and oppressed throughout recent recorded history on the basis of sex.

It is therefore important to be able to define what a woman is in order to describe the experience of women, record their experiences and data as to how they are treated so discrimination can be addressed.

I got MP to write several letters especially to EHRC about how they have not treated protected characteristics even handedly. Arranged meetings with local Lib Dem candidate and had some good conversations with him about gender issues. Established that he is happy to support women’s rights as well as trans rights and has very sound overall views. Spoken out in local autism group and circles but received no support as most parents don’t want to know and feel very awkward over subject.

I’ve spoken to a parent of a gender questioning child and given her information but she has decided to take child down the trans path. Written many times to National Autistic Society to no avail  -they just batted everything away or issued meaningless platitudes.

I have an awkward situation now in local autism support group with a mother actively supporting transition of her teen daughter. I don’t feel I can speak out any more as would be hugely disapproved of. Am very sad re daughter who is extremely troubled and think will not benefit from transition ie her issues will remain. I am lucky as haven’t had many consequences . Have more had friends say they totally agree but can say nothing as they would lose their jobs in universities or media.

Heather, Adult Human Female Believer in  truth and science. Disbeliever of Religion and Ideology

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I feel excluded from forums that previously welcomed me

As an old rad feminist I’m genuinely frightened by what’s happening. This is the biggest attack on women’s rights since we first gained them; it’s a huge safeguarding issue; it’s directly linked to the rise of misogyny, to the pornification of society.

I’ve joined public and private GC women’s groups, supported others through crowdfunders, with advice and on line, written to my (Labour) MP and met with them (to no avail), made FoI requests of our devolved government about a lack of an EA in their trans policy (no joy), leafleted the Welsh Labour Party conference, talked to friends and family to try to raise awareness.

I became a member of our Children’s Commissioner’s advisory group but have yet to find a way to have the necessary face-to-face discussions. Mainly personal stress/distress at the lack of political concern/interest (at best) and outright hostility at worst. I am involved in social justice / community-building initiatives and had an excellent relationship with local politicians. This has come to an end, undermining my capacity to make a positive difference. I feel excluded from forums that previously welcomed me.

Vanessa, old, tired, disenfranchised but still fighting

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I also care about ‘the wrong type of trans’

I care about this issue because this affects all of us.  From women being allowed single sex spaces and the fight against misogyny for that, to children being medically transed by woke parents.  Child safeguarding is a massive concern within this agenda.  I also care about ‘the wrong type of trans’, these people just want to get on with things and contribute to society in a normal way.

I have lost several twitter accounts due to speaking out about women’s rights.  I have supported small independent rad fem businesses.  I have donated to crowd funders and spread awareness of the issues we face.

I’ve experienced TRA pile ons, dealt with furries, MAPs and a whole load of inbetweens, trying to normalise their behaviour. 

V, Terf

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I have four nieces whose rights to their boundaries I will defend to the death

This matters to me because women’s rights have been hard fought for over a long period of time and have only been legally recognised for a very short period of time. Sex-based rights are crucial if women are to overcome the systemic barriers to equity that still exist in UK society and are particularly important for girls and young women who need single-sex spaces for reasons of safety, privacy and dignity. #

I don’t have children, but I have four nieces whose rights to their boundaries I will defend to the death. I also care about this issue because I am a lesbian, a same-sex attracted women. I object strongly to the idea that any male can self-identify as a woman and simply announce they are now a lesbian because of their heterosexual attraction to females. I am also infuriated by the deliberate conflation of sex and gender in official documents and by public bodies and organisations, in particular the Blood Transfusion Service and the NHS where an individual’s sex matters more than any specious idea of masculine or feminine.

I have signed a number of petitions; completed consultations on gender self-identification and reform of the Gender Recognition Act; donated to campaigns for women’s rights; and attended meetings organised by pro-women’s rights groups. I have written to my MP asking that she take account of women’s voices before committing to any vote on reform of the GRA. I have also written to my MSPs asking that they too take account of dissenting voices when it comes to the proposed introduction of gender self-identification in Scotland and followed up on their responses. I have also shared links to consultations on social media, asking people to take part in the consultation to get as wide a range of voices heard as possible.

I have been the subject of some anger and negative responses from friends on Facebook in particular and been accused of homophobia, transphobia and bigotry from people I considered good friends. That led me to make a conscious decision not to discuss the subject on Facebook, which I have stuck to now for around a year. However, the revelation this week that the Scottish Government is sticking to its redefinition of the word woman in the Gender Representation on Public Boards Act is making me rethink that decision, which I now consider a bit cowardly.

Frances Traynor, still believes that language matters and that words have meaning


There is a highly vocal minority who are using the transgender issue for the wrong reasons

I care passionately about this issue as I believe that sadly some men are using it to pursue their own agenda. They are not transgender, they are not really interested in changing there gender, it’s being used a cover to let them access places they should not. I believe it is a tiny, tiny percentage that are doing this. I believe that there are real transgender people who have spent any years of their lives living miserably only to find real happiness when they have changed gender. However, they seem to be the people who are quietly going about their lives, day to day, and finding ways to alter, change and adapt their lives and situations so they can change gender.

There is discrimination for transgender people and they do need the law to help them achieve their desire status, but there is a highly vocal minority who are using the transgender issue for the wrong reasons and the pace of change needs to be slow, carefully thought through and not allowed to infringe women’s hard fought rights.

I discuss these issues on social media using women’s rights groups and with my partner and family.

I have had a couple of transgender ( male to female) people I know remove me from friends lists and no longer in contact with me.

Amnesia, Just a mature woman with a voice, Amnesia