I don’t want to share changing rooms with transfeminine men

I care because I find it insulting that the word woman is now taboo or doesn’t have any meaning. I care because girls and boys are being forced to believe that there is something wrong with them if they don’t conform to gender norms. I don’t want to share changing rooms with transfeminine men. These people are destroying feminism.

I have debated with people online and with friends in real life. I have signed petitions and attended demonstrations.

Some friends don’t respect my opinions anymore. It’s like a religion to them.

Kira, 32-year-old teacher, Spain


I have been threatened legally by our favorite legal eagle

I care about this issue because as a woman and a mother I feel the need to stand up for my daughters, sisters, nieces, sisters and women in general. We cannot go back in our freedoms just because men have found a new way to oppress us.

I have written and lobbied local and national MPs and euro MPs. I have tried to get the UK fight into the national press here in Italy and have spoken to many feminists and feminist groups here about what is happening in the UK. I’ve tried to highlight the abuse women are given just for defending their rights

I have been threatened, my daughter who was 6 months at the time was threatened with rape and trafficking. All from UK trans activists. I have been threatened legally by our favorite legal eagle ie Stephanie Hayden, who thankfully backed off when he realised it would cost him 10s of 1000s of pounds and he couldn’t sue for free like he does in the UK.

Grace O’Malley , Fighting for what is right, Italy

Education Healthcare

It makes me sick to see a man on the top of the podium with two elite female athletes

I care most of all about the violation of women’s sports with the entry of males. It makes me sick to see a man on the top of the podium with two elite female athletes alongside. All women’s spaces should be safeguarded. I also want to stop the medical transition of children, and the changing of our language. The word “woman” should stand alone to mean adult human female.

Mostly I have preached to the choir on the sidebars of other people’s tweets. I have written letters to Lambda Legal, CNN, and a Japanese journalist who wrote a slanted article for a Japanese newspaper. I didn’t hear back from any of these. I have signed petitions!  I have tried to convince my sister to no avail. I have donated to LGB alliance so my money can work for this cause.

I live in Japan, and my part time job is secure. I have such a low profile that no one takes the trouble to send unkind tweets.

Barbara, GC lesbian feminist, Japan


The first lesson for men in feminism was “It’s not about you”

As someone who was told that the first lesson for men in feminism was “It’s not about you” it called me to see men trying to centre themselves, again, by pretending to be more oppressed than actual women and taking time, funding and energy from those women so selfishly.

I have spoken on the topic and posted about it in feminist groups, made sure their voices wouldn’t be silenced when in charge of a uni feminist group and discussed it with friends and family.

The people who took over the feminist org after my graduation wrote a “proclamation” to get rid of the “reputation for ~transphobia~ it allegedly had after me and my successor were there. Furthermore I was hounded by TRAs (trans rights activists) out of several feminist groups online and slurred as a homophobe when accusations of transphobia proved unsuccessful.

Hilmar, Anthropologist, Iceland


I am Canadian and only recently learned of some incidents

I had no idea about the consequences of this.  Am flabbergasted at the vitriol/adolescent-like manipulation of those pushing this on entire populations (my husband either).  I cannot believe women’s words & spaces are being erased.  – the waxing one happened 30 mins from me and I had no idea 🤬🤬🤬.  Liberal Party of Canada voter my whole life.  Never again.  I’m going to have to vote freaking bigoted Conservative just so my daughter can be called a woman 🤬🤬.  In short – I am pissed off.  For the record I do not consider myself a feminist & am normally live & let live, but this is straight outta the misogyny handbook.

I’ve just liked things on Twitter – I will lose my job & my family’s security if I speak up even though I am firmly pro-trans rights.  I just happen to believe that giving one group rights at the expense of another is bullshit.

I keep my thoughts to myself in real life.

M, a concerned woman, Canada


I organise an annual International Women’s Day rally that is unashamedly feminist

I have been in the struggle for women’s rights for more than 40 years.  Gender ideology undoes the limited gains we have made and erases the possibilities of winning more.  Gender ideology drips with misogyny and lesbophobia and homophobia.  It is an authoritarian and regressive ideology.

I organise an annual International Women’s Day rally that is unashamedly feminist and of course recognises that women are adult human females.  I have organised a small feminist discussion group to consider the harmful consequences of gender ideology. 

I have organised one public meeting in defence of women’s sex-based rights and plan to run more once Covid restrictions permit.  I organised a WL Conference in my home city a few months ago.  I run several feminist FB pages and contribute to others.

I have been physically and verbally harassed, dropped from’progressive’ email lists, hounded out of my union, socially ostracised and had friends cut off all contact with me to show their left friends how woke they are.

Anna M, feminist activist, mother, grandmother, Australia

Healthcare Lesbians

The conversion and confusion of vulnerable children

This matters to me because of the reinforcement of gender stereotypes, the legal erosion of women’s rights, the homophobia and especially through educational programmes.

I have discussed what is happening with family and friends and posted (anonymously) on twitter.

I have been careful (cowardly?) about who I have spoken to.

Anne, Left wing, feminist, lesbian, autistic


I am already short changed in life as a women

I care because I am already short changed in life as a women. Now I am expected to move aside to accommodate a man who wants to call himself ‘woman’ and me ‘cis’.

I joined and attended meetings with WPUK. I follow and post comments on twitter, I follow feminist boards.

I have been unfriended  on social media, I have been ridiculed for my views by family and friend and told ‘it isn’t a problem and I should show empathy’.

DB, I am Woman XX


I have tried to bring it up but they won’t listen – even the ones who should know better

I am a lesbian and a radical feminist. And a biological woman. Obviously!  

(I’ve come back from the last page on the form to note that there isn’t a box under Politics to tick “radical feminist”!)

I have mainly talked about it, written about it and shared ideas and written work with other women who agree with me. I am aware that many people in my friendship groups (especially the ones local to my area) are very liberal (or think of themselves as such) and pro-what-they-think-of-as-“trans-rights”. With some of them, I have tried to bring it up but they won’t listen – even the ones who should know better.

Not experienced negative consequences yet, but I have been a bit of a coward to be honest.

Sam A, armchair activist

Healthcare Public Sector

As an HR professional I feel for colleagues trying to navigate through this

I guess I would have called myself a liberal feminist, a live and let live type.  I thought trans people had GD and medically/ surgically transitioned.  I once worked with a very nice transwoman  who presented as a woman, was called she, but used the men’s changing room and toilets.  When JK Rowling tweeted in support of Maya Forstater, I wanted to know why someone has lost their job over what seemed a non-contentious issue.

The ideology revealed was frightening.  The aggression of TRAs (trans rights activists), and their determination to open every area of female lives to male people, was worrying.  There are deliberate attempts to erode safeguarding and stifle any discussion of how conflict over rights and safety can be addressed.  

The disproportionate influence of lobbying groups like Stonewall on public sector organisations and politics is unacceptable.  Looking further, the concept of the cotton ceiling was abhorrent. 

Although I am not lesbian, I believe that LGB people have an absolute right to their sexual preferences without being labelled transphobic.

I am concerned about the teaching of gender theory to children.  I don’t really understand the science, but see no consensus that would justify teaching that sex is a spectrum.   How the huge growth in the number of “trans” children being referred for treatment is not ringing alarm bells is beyond me.  I am fortunate, I had to retire from work for health reasons, but as an HR professional, I fear that if I was still working, I would not be able to express my concerns freely in this repressive climate.

I am not a great social media user, but I have supported GC voices, mostly with likes and retweets and some not very articulate comments.  I have completed the Scottish Govt GRA consultation survey, have donated to a couple of crowdfunding requests, and have written to my MP.

I am fortunate, Having taken Ill-health retirement, I am immune from threats to my livelihood.  As an HR professional, I feel for colleagues trying to navigate through this, and am sure that if I was still working, I would not feel free to express my concerns, particularly if working in the public sector.  This is a repressive, toxic culture.  I’m sure many people are being prevented from expressing valid, non-hateful opinions and that should concern everyone.

Alison G, Into my 6th decade, married, no kids, TERF, apparently