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I was forced to speak a lie

I care because I teach and am a mother. My children had a trans pupil at school (where I worked) and without consultation the other children had their right to privacy taken away in toilets.

I was forced to speak a lie, every day, in using an incorrect pronoun, all while trying to teach pupils right from wrong. The pupil was deeply troubled but no counselling was offered, simply the ‘magic bullet’ of a new name and pronouns.

I spoke up at the time. I have met 2 MSPs, one now a cabinet minister who does not support the Scottish Government’s line , the other pretty much accused me of transphobia. I have written to my SNP MP who was rude and arrogant.

I have supported the work online of several women’s groups but I have mostly hidden who I am, afraid of losing my job for speaking truth to power.

My name was leaked from a private Facebook group so I have become ultra careful online.

Have you had any consequences? Accusations of transphobia by an MSP. Being outed as party if a feminist group. Being afraid to attend public meetings for fear for my job.

Mandy , Teacher in Scotland

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A bullying group has turned truth into lies

Sex is real. sex defines humans and mammals. it is the way laws and protections are established and maintained in our society.

Seeing these meaningful definitions being eradicated by the Trans lobby, behaving like a dictatorship, is scary.

it’s threatens and undermines our protections and freedoms. Anyone who speaks out as “concerned“ is vilified as hateful, by a bullying group that has turned truths into lies, implying they are victims when they are actually the perpetrators.

There are many dangers, allowing such a lobby, that relies on lying about the most important aspect of our lives SEX, to attack women and gain access to us and our children.

I have been emailing organisations like safeguarding hub that criticises breast binding in Africa meanwhile lottery funding is given to breast binding businesses in the UK. I have written to M&S about changing rooms. I have written to Baroness Nicholson, Liz Truss, to members of the civil service about the LGBTQ champion who is head of the Department for Education, he also has a child who is “trans”, a huge conflict of interest.

I have questioned a Labour Councillor through labour complaints for her hate speech towards women on Twitter. Labour threatened me with further action if I discussed my complaint on social media, they deemed she was not guilty of inappropriate behaviour using swearing & slurs.

I’ve had my mental health questioned. I have been called a *unt by a labour man on social media. when I complained & resigned my labour membership I was reprimanded for using bad  language when relating the names I’d been called!

I advised a group of women who were “friends” & childminders, that drag queens in Brixton library was wrong for under 5’s, & that they need parental permission as it’s political, they verbally attacked me & I had to block them from my life. These are just a few instances. My anxiety has been bad due to my fears of retaliation. I have had to ensure my name can’t be traced to my home.


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I have been reported to my college for being ‘transphobic

I am a lesbian mother of daughters. I work with children.

I knew a trans-identified female when I was younger and I saw the damage she had done to herself and the relief she felt when she detransitioned.

Denial of material reality threatens the safeguarding of women and children.

I have attended marches and demonstrations. I have contributed to government consultations and online discussions on social media. I have talked to family and friends. I have an anonymised social media presence and an associated podcast.

I have lost friends and acquaintances. I have been reported to my college for being “transphobic”. I have had my social media profile reported.

Ellie Ellis , Adult Human Female podcast,

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If we cannot name our oppression, we cannot fight it

This feels like such an important issue for me for several reasons.

I have personally experienced the ways in which trans identifying males entering female only spaces completely changes the dynamic, effectively silencing female voices, even when the purpose of the space has been designed precisely to elevate women’s voices.

I see the violence and hostility directed at women for wanting to talk about our sex based rights as yet another iteration of male aggression, entitlement and dominance. Furthermore, I can foresee the long-term consequences of allowing gender ideology to supplant biological sex as effectively undoing all of the work of the women’s movement of the last century. If we cannot name our oppression, we cannot fight it.

Initially, I started posting articles and my own opinions on this issue on social media. I have also attended several events and protests that have sought to highlight or discuss this issue. I have also attended meetings for women only with a similar purpose. I have had private discussions offline with friends and family. And finally, I chaired a meeting on the sex based rights of women and girls.

Personally, I have lost several friends over this issue, or experienced others distancing themselves from me over it. I have also had disagreements with family members.

It has been scary, as a survivor of male violence including family violence, and having ptsd symptoms associated with it, to be confronted with shouting and aggressive posturing from masked individuals at the protests and meetings I have attended.

It has made me feel incredibly ‘unsafe’. It has also been unpleasant to be accused of bigotry, transphobia or branded a terf in online spaces. Lastly, my teenage niece is talking about her desire to transition, and this has adversely affected my relationship with her, and caused deep grief and stress to herself and other members of my family at a very uncertain time.

Jo , Concerned auntie, educator and advocate for women and girls


Self id worries me immensely

This matters to me for ethical and religious reasons.  Being a woman is a physical reality and that reality has led to women being discriminated against for centuries. Self ID worries me immensely because it feeds in the idea that the physical reality of sex no longer matters and could lead to exclusion of women from work and sports especially in minority communities.  In a word it is not progress.

I have discussed this issue with friends and colleagues and spoken to my line manager in confidence.

I haven’t had any consequences, but there might be if I decided to go more public on the issue.

A. A.

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Almost everyone I’ve spoken to has been in agreement

At first it was astonishment that something so obviously real and true – that there are two sexes, male and female, which cannot be changed – was being denied. As I found out more it was fear of the damage to women’s rights, the damage to children and adolescents and then outrage and fury that we cannot speak the truth anymore without fear for our jobs.

I have spoken about it to friends and family, cautiously to colleagues at work. I spoke out in an LGBT training session at work to query the suicide statistics.  Written to my MP, posted on twitter and Facebook, attended a meeting, contributed to lots of fundraisers, bought books by gender critical feminists.

I haven’t had any consequences so far – almost everyone I’ve spoken to  has been in agreement.

I have a couple of  friends who obviously think I’ve got a strange bee in my bonnet and am an anti trans bigot but they still talk to me!! However I’m training to be a counsellor and therefore have to be v careful not to say anything on social media which could prevent me from qualifying. I was looking at volunteering for an organisation yesterday but put off because they were seeking people “who identify as male”.

C, Gender critical truth seeker radicalised by Mumsnet

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I am absolutely appalled at the thought of a male child undressing with female children

I care because I am appalled at the debate being shut down.

There is a child at the school I teach who presents as the opposite sex, and I do not know which way round or who they are.

I am absolutely appalled at the thought of a male child undressing with female children, and those female children not even knowing.

The idea that medically changing children’s bodies is a good thing to upload outdated gender and sex stereotypes is abhorrent.

As soon as you express any doubt, there is no allowances, you are just wrong.

I have spoken to my colleagues

I have not had any consequences yet, but I have been quiet. I’ve been blocked by some twitter accounts so I must be on some list somewhere.

E, Teacher

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I was banned from a Facebook lesbian group

As a same-sex attracted lesbian I feel threatened by those who were born biological males and who are now claiming to be lesbians and who are trying to shame, coerce and threaten lesbians into sexual relationships.

I joined Twitter to both read articles and to post about gender issues.

I was banned from a Facebook lesbian group (Older Lesbians UK) that I had been a member of for many years for posting about the Women’s Liberation 50th anniversary as it was deemed transphobic for not centering transwomen.   

Susie, Women, mother, lesbian, teacher

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I know how important language is

I care because I can see how important this is to women’s rights. I could not understand that people were making untrue statements such as trans women are women – and this was to be recognised legally. I know how important language is to if we redefine woman then women’s rights are also under threat. I started looking into the issue further and was horrified to see the promotion of gender ideological ideals being pushed in schools (the various agencies they use and the games they play such as the dice – that is not sex education – it is entirely hedonistic), children being given hormone blockers with little empirical evidence of the long term effects. I cannot believe that this is being allowed here in the UK. I am a mother, I taught for 15 years and I am shocked that children have not been protected from this – absolute madness.

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I’ve been on Twitter and I have informed friends which include teachers, nursers, and specialist children’s service workers. None of them knew about this. I don’t feel I can share anything publicly,

I reasoned if something as benign as JK.Rowling’s series of tweets was deemed hate speech (seriously this term needs explaining as there was nothing hateful in those tweets) I thought people might think I was transphobic and bigoted.

I have no issue with people want to dress or present but I do believe that sex education should not be about gender identity – rather it should be biologically based with discussion on sexual orientation (gay, lesbian, bi, heterosexual) with discussion on intimacy and love discussed too.

I have had someone calling me ‘asshole’, TERF, bigot and ignorant on social media (Twitter) when talking with others about not feeling we could share anything publicly, the thread was asking if anyone had joined anonymously just to discuss this issue – many of us had. Someone intercepted the discussion (nothing derogatory about any group of people, it was only saying things like ‘I wasn’t aware of this issue). I have not been rude or hostile to anyone in the discussions.

C, Feeling concerned about gender ideology