If she can stand up for what’s right, it’s time I did too

This matters to me because we are women, and our biology is a fundamental factor in our oppression worldwide and throughout history. To ignore it, or pretend it isn’t exactly what it is, is just ridiculous, not to mention extremely dangerous. Aside from that, I’m a believer in facts and reality, and I won’t pretend something is X if I know it to be Y. I disagree with compelled speech with every part of my being.

I have created an anonymous twitter account to join conversations and show my support, in light of the brave actions of JK Rowling. If she can stand up for what’s right, it’s time I did too. However I’m sorry I do so anonymously, I’m just scared of TR activists and what they might do if I annoy one of them. I also read and research a lot around the topic, and speak to my friends on the matter where it feels safe to do so.

Not yet really, but I’ve only just started to be properly vocal this week. I imagine it’s only a matter of time.

V GKC E, 31 year old female, who won’t be forced in to a lie that endangers others

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Why did my mother have to suffer for years with her womb

As a woman who hasn’t been believed and made to feel bad for being sexually assaulted, I find it terrifying that women’s voices are still not heard. I am not traumatised by the event but other women are by theirs and pushing ideology on people only makes that worse.

Why did my mother have to suffer for years with her womb because they couldn’t be bothered to deal with it, whereas had she identified as man she may have not had to suffer as long.

I was told at 16 I was too young for a hysterectomy as I may want kids one day. I’m glad they didn’t take me seriously in some ways as now in my 30s I am considering children.

However, it is this disregard towards women and their feelings and their bodies that does not sit right with me. This is before we even get on to the topic of men identifying as women being allowed to compete as women in sport!

I am quite active on Twitter in the Gender Critical movement. I was threatened rape on twitter and the tweet was deleted and the account suspended.

KS, Biology cannot be denied

Private sector

I work occasionally in an abattoir

I am an older woman who does a man’s job. I work occasionally in an abattoir and I work in agriculture. I have little interest in a lot of modern consumerist femininity. I am a woman. I don’t wear nail varnish or make up. I am a woman. I care that young people are being taught lies about human biology and that if you don’t conform to narrow ideas of being a man or woman you require drugs and surgery to make you right.

I am deeply troubled that being trans is also allied with accepting a hyper sexualised existence from a young age heavily influenced by pornography.

I have written to my MP and posted on social media.

I am dismissed for not being woke and for not caring about men’s feelings.

Ros., Middle aged woman who doesn’t take any crap

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I feel like I’m being shown the colour red whilst someone screams in my face ITS BLUE ITS BLUE.

I care because I’m a woman living in an increasingly frightening world. And I’m not allowed to say what I think. I feel like I’m being shown the colour red whilst someone screams in my face ITS BLUE ITS BLUE. Some days I feel like I’m going mad. Because I believe Biology is real I am having to defend myself all the time.

I have spoken in confidence to other friends, we are all scared to say things publicly but there are so many of us talking privately.

I have had my Wikipedia page butchered and doctored to read “is a transphobic actress’ I have been told off on social Media. Facebook and twitter. I have lost friends and dare not talk to others as I know I would lose them too. I think I have lost work over it but cannot prove it.

L, Actress, anon

Voluntary sector

I’m dismayed that decent people who think they’re being liberal and welcoming are unaware of the cost to women.

This matters to me for many reasons. Because women are being erased and redefined, reduced to their bodily functions, recategorised as a sub section of their own classification, having their rights removed and their ability to stand up for and protect themselves reduced. Because I worry for especially young women who are learning who they are and taking drastic actions which they live to regret. Because I’m seeing an increase in homophobia. Because there are troubling safeguarding issues for my daughters.

Because the males who are impinging on women’s protected spaces are affecting vulnerable women and certain religions and because asking why there’s a male in your safe space isn’t protecting women it could get you arrested for a hate crime. Because I’m dismayed that decent people who think they’re being liberal and welcoming are unaware of the cost to women. Because I see so much aggression and vile comments aimed at level-headed women just trying to raise awareness of the issue.

I’ve not done much. Discussed it some with family. Chat in private groups of like-minded women. I was sharing stuff on Twitter but I’ve dialled back on that because I’m freelance and I’m working currently with a third sector organisation and they are notoriously ‘woke’.

A year ago I was right there on the Trans Women are Women side of the fence, but then I started to see how simply raising legitimate concerns and questions about how we could accommodate male bodied people into women’s and girls’ safe spaces got you instantly labelled as a TERF.

And I started to see male bodied people using their self ID to access and beat women out of female specific awards and sports and scholarships that were there to redress the male focused opportunity and privilege, and then I started to see rape crisis centres have their funding cut for trying to protect traumatised women from sharing a safe space with a male bodied (ergo more physically powerful) person, and Jessica Yaniv and male bodied people who self ID abusing vulnerable women in prison. (Obv, not all Trans people.) And again when women tried to raise legitimate concerns about these things – whilst still trying to find a way to support trans people and help them to find a way to live their lives as they want to, safely and free from abuse and incorporated and welcomed – still being shouted at and labelled transphobic. And then I saw lesbians being called bigots for being same sex attracted. And then I saw people trying to pretend that actual biology ergo science was not a tested, provable thing which is a very dangerous route to take. Then I’m afraid my position shifted somewhat.

I started out just asking simple questions about safeguarding and was called transphobic and a TERF very quickly. I saw the same pattern repeated again and again with pleasant, caring women who showed concern for trans women and wanted them to live safe happy lives but not at the expense of women feeling safe and secure because of opportunistic men taking advantage of self ID, being threatened and called bigots and then I realised there was something very wrong with the TRA movement.

Shiv, Woman, mother, freelancer, feminist

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We can’t let our rights be trampled on

This is so important to me because women’s oppression is because of our sex – not something we identify into – and generations of women before us have fought so hard for the sex-based rights that we now theoretically have.

We can’t let our rights be trampled on, for the sake of not offending a tiny percentage of people. Sex matters, for so many reasons – and we can’t pretend it doesn’t. This also affects trans people –

if we can’t accurately describe biology and gender ID for fear of causing offence, then we also can’t accurately record statistics (e.g. we can’t properly know how trans people are affected by crime).

I bring up the issue with friends and family if I see an appropriate opening to do so, because so many people have absolutely no idea how this affects them now (and potentially in the future, e.g. when their girl toddler is at secondary school in a decade’s time and might be forced to use ‘gender neutral’ toilets or changing rooms). I like and share posts/articles on social media. I attend meetings (e.g. WPUK) and support others who are experiencing properly negative reactions from their decision to speak up publicly.

I’ve been told my statement that humans can’t change sex is ‘disgusting’ by one of my stepdaughters. When discussing protecting women’s sex-based rights with either of my two stepdaughters, all they hear is me apparently being ‘anti trans’, despite my continually reminding them I am NOT anti trans. Both will listen to me, and engage up to a point – but then refuse to go any further and simply say ‘but I can’t ignore their struggle’ (i.e. the trans community’s struggle for acceptance, which ironically I also am very sympathetic to), and dismiss all concerns about the impact on women’s sex-based rights. Their attitude is that they apparently would be happy to share a public toilet or changing room with a trans woman (at any stage of being ‘trans’) and therefore it’s transphobic to suggest that other girls or women might not be happy to do so.

A friend was cross at me for raising the issue – until she admitted that the reason was that she couldn’t deal with the issue and was happier sticking her head in the sand – but she’s now started to think more critically about this and has realised she’s gender critical too.

Charlotte M, A woman trying to make the world fairer, without women’s rights being trampled

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I feel that I should be able to ask for female providers

I care because I am a woman. If I ever am in a compromising situation, I feel that I should be able to ask for female providers and that it shouldn’t be considered transphobic to do so. I also know that it’s important to fight for rights regarding my biology, because that’s the basis for sexism

I have shared on social media. I have also talked to friends. Thankfully my close friends are in agreement with me. However, if I speak out to a wider circle, I will lose friends.

I am very afraid, because I see “no TERFs” in advertising for women’s rights marches and know they mean people like me. I know I’m not welcome in society. And as a heterosexual white woman, the view is that I’m privileged. However, I suffer through sexism all the same.

Sydney, Female musician, Canada


I do not want to see the voices of young women being drowned out

It matters to me because I do not want to see the voices of young women being drowned out. Having seen school girls protesting after boys were allowed access to their spaces, I realised how uncomfortable that would have made me. Furthermore, I believe everyone has a right to voice their view on this matter without fear or repercussions of job loss or harassment.

I have begun following gender critical discourse online, I have discussed my views with my mother, and several of my friends, and have discovered that we all share similar views. I have slowly been posting more and more on my private social media, and I have been routinely discussing the reality of biological sex from my position of being educated in anatomy and cell biology.

I have fallen out with my brother who is the complete opposite of me, and thinks self ID and other gender ideological ideas are good. I have lost not-so-close friends after they discovered that I was following and taking part in gender critical discourse.

Cat, BSc anatomical sciences and pharmacy advisor


Women are united by their female biology

I care because I can’t stand to see scientific reality be dismissed like this for the feelings of a minority. Sexism still exists, and to imply that women are only women because of their identification or “women’s brains” totally erases it. A woman can have any brain, any personality, but women are united by their female biology.

So far I have only discussed this with tolerant friends and on social media (not under my own name).

I have faced a lot of online abuse.



I believe women are being bullied and silenced

I care about the physical safety and dignity of women and girls and I think this is jeopardised by self ID and I think it is wrong that we are  being asked to take this risk to appease trans women.  Single sex spaces should be preserved. 

I care about fairness for women in all fields and consider that women and girls face a loss of opportunity in sports and perhaps at work and in education if their places are being taken by males who identify as women.

I am worried that health issues arising from biological sex ie pregnancy and birth, ante and post natal depression, menopause etc may be impacted when male bodied people identifying as women access services designed for females. I believe women are being bullied and silenced, and asked to “be kind” at best. This is unfair. It is important that we are allowed to defend our sex-based rights. Without a recognition of our biology we may lose these rights which is what concerns me most of all.

At the moment not a great deal but I have talked to family and friends and I have started to make my views known on social media. It feels dangerous.

I have been criticized in twitter. A follower of mine whose son is a trans man said something very unpleasant about how I should worry that my husband was raping my daughters if I was so concerned about sharing bathrooms with men.

LAK, For women and  girls