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I am worried about the influence that social media, influencers and so on have on children

I work in Education, I am worried about the influence that social media, influencers and so on have on children. I object to the conversion therapy that is affecting young lesbians and gay boys. As I have a child of my own I worry that he will be taught the idea that children who do not conform to gender stereotypes are not what they were born as. I am worried about the legal ramifications if there is no legal word for a woman.

I have campaigned with Fair Play for Women and a Woman’s Place, attended meetings, spoken to friends and family and posted articles and opinion on social media. I have also written to my son’s school to challenge them on terminology and in accurate interpretations of the equality act 2010.

I have been unfriended by people on Facebook for my views and had heated arguments in person.

Donna S

Education Healthcare

I saw the damage she had done to herself and the relief she felt when she detransitioned

I am a lesbian mother of daughters. I work with children. I knew a trans-identified female when I was younger and I saw the damage she had done to herself and the relief she felt when she detransitioned. Denial of material reality threatens the safeguarding of women and children.

I have attended marches and demonstrations. I have contributed to government consultations and online discussions on social media. I have talked to family and friends. I have an anonymised social media presence and an associated podcast.

I have lost friends and acquaintances. I have been reported to my college for being “transphobic”. I have had my social media profile reported.

E, Adult Human Female podcast


I spoke to my political party, I was ignored

I worry about long term consequences ; safeguards, protections in law changing, blurring of definitions.

I have entered into conversations that have usually become tense and intimidating, I spoke to my political party, I was ignored. Stood my ground but listened and tried to see the other sides point.

I’ve been made to feel like a bad person, called a bigot, intimidated and threatened online, often felt like I’m shouting into the wind and being mocked by people who use quite childish and nasty tactics. And men trying to bully and silence me. It can be scary. And exhausting.

Gertz, Tired


Very mentally unwell girls were identifying as boys and as their Biology teacher I was told I had to go along with this

I am a graduate biologist, and a science teacher in secondary schools. because I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with schools, and science being a shortage subject, I have always been able to take other jobs which I was interested in. this included working at Chiswick Women’s Aid, after which I had my first child as a single mother and became very involved in the second wave. having taken an MSc in Health Education I met one of the founders of Terrence Higgins Trust and worked as an AIDS/HIV educator for the NHS where of course I learned a lot about sexuality.

I went back into schools where I taught Biology for GCSE and A level, and spent some while teaching various subjects in FE colleges. I volunteered at a charity for street sex workers.

I eventually ended up teaching Science in an adolescent psychiatric unit. which was where the issue finally reached me as very mentally unwell girls were identifying as boys, and as their Biology teacher I was told I had to go along with this.

Luckily I was planning to retire soon anyway but that was really the catalyst, and then the JamJar happened although I wasn’t there I was firmly hooked into this cause.

I have emailed various people, met my MP (no joy there) read a huge amount, contributed to many discussions on social media particularly in my area of expertise which of course is the objective Biological reality of sex. I wrote a submission for the Oxford case (guidance now withdrawn). I have attended many events, and contributed to all the crowdfunders for legal cases. I also attend Raquel Rosario-Sanchez ‘s feminist meetings in Bristo (or did, before lockdown). I am a member of a small group affiliated to Safe Schools Alliance who are trying to get the Bristol secondary schools to look at the materials they use for PSHE, looking at their equities policies etc, and contacting two of the most worrying schools directly to ask to meet.

Stymied by Covid at the moment. luckily I have not been in danger of losing my job as I am retired. I have been shouted at in my NEU Samba Band that I have to agree TWAW, several people I know have been distinctly cooler in their reactions to me, local Labour people have accused me of being a bigot, and “knowing nothing about Biology”……

Some of my closer friends have asked me to not go on so much as I am passionate about getting the information and implications out to the public.

Alison W, Biologist, Health Educator, Teacher, Mother Grandmother


I have seen badly drafted laws passed, with negative consequences

I care because I see an undermining of the very concept of truth. Certain truths have become unspeakable because groups of activists have deemed them hateful or distressing. I care because I have seen badly drafted laws passed, with negative consequences. Even worse, I’ve seen interested parties covertly undermining the laws that help to keep women and girls safe. I have two daughters. I do not want them to have fewer legal protections than I have had, and I do not want them to be silenced from speaking the truth.

I have shared my concerns with friends and family, and had very positive discussions with each of them. I have introduced several people to WPUK (Woman’s Place UK) and brought my daughter and a friend to the Women’s lib 2020 conference. I have challenged my daughter’s school about their mixed-sex toilets, supported safe schools alliance, and contributed to many crowdfunders.

There have been no negative consequences so far, possibly as a result of not being on social media. I am concerned as to potential reactions of my colleagues, should this issue be discussed at work.

Diana, Teacher


If I were just 5 years younger I would now be either a very unhappy trans man or a detransitioner

I am a woman. I am a feminist (any feminism involves a critique of “gender” or it’s not feminism). I’m also a lesbian lady who shaves her head and occasionally wear ties and I have the unsettling feeling if I were just 5 years younger I would now be either a very unhappy trans man or a detransitioner. I wouldn’t experience the joy I feel at singing really high notes (crappy amateur soprano here). And of course, I care about freedom of speech. I won’t be compelled to see others exactly as they see themselves. As Dr. Jane Clare Jones say, that’s a form of ontological totalitarianism.

I’ve spoken to friends and family and all over social media (with my name). I am currently unemployed and lockdown has been quite restrictive over here up until quite recently. But I plan on meeting with other feminists in my home town.

I lost “a friend” because she tried to shame me for being a lesbian in its archaic “terfy” definition. That was the last straw in a wider pattern in our relationship, since it’s not the first time she is emotionally manipulative.

Estela, Language teacher, studying to become a civil servant, Spain


FGM abuse happens to girls based on their sex

Trans people need to be safe, but they need to recognise that some people will take advantage and abuse the system to harm vulnerable women. I am a woman and I can see others being silenced for wanting to talk about being a biological woman, by men. This should not be happening.

I have argued that female genital mutilation (FGM) should not be renamed due to transphobia. Girls are abused based on their sex and we need to make sure that others know this and don’t invalidate the traumatic experiences girls and women deal with by changing the language or comparing FGM to trans surgery.

I have been called a terf, been told I need to be slapped by a cock, slapped by a lady dick, told to choke on girl dick, called a transphobe for wanting to keep vulnerable women safe,  called a stupid bitch

I have had family members inboxed, had emails sent to my work (I oversee all the emails though so was able to delete and remove all traces of employment from social media) for suggesting that men want to silence women .



I have spoken out at work

I care because the erosion of sex based rights will have serious implications for women and gay people.

I have spoken out at work (teacher). I have had to change my twitter account to be vocal and anonymous. I have discussed with friends. Most agree.

I have been accused of being unempathic at work. Shamed on social media as ‘transphobic and even racist’.

The littlest Homo, Gay, not queer


Management was in a panic

I have always  been gender non conforming  tomboy STEM moterbike guitars /female band  and back in the 70 womens lib but it wasnt until I accidentally stumbled on Dr Jane Clare Jones that I realised  in a deeper way  that it wasn’t that I liked “boy”things but that labelling those things  male was part of a patriarchal system. It made me realise how important language is and that removing language that enables us to express our oppression manacle us more firmly “in our place” in a way that many won’t even notice or if they do will be unable to articulate

My experience at work was of a young autistic teen  X who was accused of Transphobia by a class mate Y (who sometimes came in as male sometimes presented as female ). Because X stared at them.

X said he didnt feel he was Transphobic it just made him feel funny that Y kept changing (name as well as clothes) his autism was ignored. There were a lot of demands being made by Y re toilets etc also at odds with our large female Muslim students rights.

Management was in a panic . Transphobia is apparently the worst of crimes

I have taken part in twitter/ discussion with friends/some work mates to raise awareness

I haven’t had any consequences because most people I’ve spoken to think the idea that a man can really be a woman/access women’s spaces /sports is completely mad or were unaware of it and recognise the consequences immediately. I haven’t  spoken out on one FB account  though because that account is a  partially music account to promote bands. I have on the other. 

Sophia, Musician, Maths lecturer

Education Parent

The topic comes up scarily regularly for an infants school

I care because I want my daughter to have a safer life than I have had. I want her to be able to be confident in raising her safety concerns and not worried about being declared a bigot because she is fearful

I have spoken to friends. I regularly voice my concerns at work as the topic comes up scarily regularly for an infants school.

I have been reprimanded at work for stepping out of my role to complain that they had changed the protected characteristics in the schools equality policy.

I escalated to governors and they eventually agreed the law had not ‘changed yet’ – my work is now more heavily scrutinised and one of my colleagues no longer speaks to me.  I have lost friends and a fb account. I use twitter anonymously. I am fearful of making connections with anyone as I can’t afford to be ‘outed’ and lose my career.