There also appears to be absolutely no empirical basis to this movement.

I fundamentally believe that individuals who experience dysphoria and distress due to issues with their biological sex and how they feel about it, must be given access to appropriate forms of support and assistance to allow them to understand the causes of that distress and move on with their lives. This is not happening in any meaningful way before these individuals are sent down a medical pathway which does not resolve their distress nor address its psychological causes.

I am suspicious of the politicisation and co-opting of this issue by fringe groups who seek to infringe women’s hard-won civil liberties and protections; and I deplore the actions of former gay rights organisations (e.g. Stonewall) which, rather than disbanding after social equality for us was achieved recently, has embraced the political project of individuals who appear to be little more than men’s rights activists cosplaying as women.

I work with autistic young people, and  I am aware that this group is vulnerable to the influence of ‘transgender’ activism insofar as confusion over sexuality interacts with rigid thinking (e.g. I am a boy and I like other boys, therefore I must be a girl). This has the possibility of causing real psychological and social damage to such individuals.

I am extremely concerned that ‘trans rights’ activists will not discuss their wants or concerns with wider society. Gay rights were won through openness and understanding; ‘trans rights’ (whatever these may actually BE) appear to be advanced via stealth: institutional capture; policy change; shaming of concerned voices; silencing concerned individuals by demonising them as phobic or ‘TERFs’. There also appears to be absolutely no empirical basis to this movement. Is ‘trans merely a manifestation of developmental distress (which is a natural aspect of puberty) interacting with other psychological or psychiatric factors? Is it a cultural phenomenon?

I have shared my concerns with my manager at work, and shared GC content with her. I have asked questions on Twitter (and never received an answer) of trans rights activists. I have challenged a team of researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University, who are running a survey on gay men’s sexual health, over their use of Stonewall’s unscientific terminology and highlighted this as a source of potential bias in their research.

DM, Gender sceptic from Edinburgh

Education Healthcare

This goes against all the safeguarding I have ever been taught

I care because I am a teacher, parent and Girlguiding leader and this goes against all the safe guarding I have ever been taught. This matters to me because the safeguarding and single sex spaces exist for a reason and they are trying to be removed with no proper debate. From single sex toilet, changing and sleeping provision to irreversible medical intervention to women and girls being pushed out of sport, I care and I object to women and children and lesbians and gay people being overridden like this.

I have written to my MP and MSPs. I have taken part in the Gender Recognition Act consultations in Scotland and the wider UK and shared them with friends. I have discussed this with friends. I came to it from the idea that it was like gay rights and we should all just be nice but then I read and learnt more and was horrified. Some people I really respect still post things like “Trans Women are Women” and I can only assume they haven’t yet educated themselves properly about it because I know they are not homophobic nor anti women and children’s rights. But it is very hard to persuade them.

Some I have persuaded, others we’ve agreed to disagree for now and some have stopped being friends on social media (those I knew least). As they have been told I am a bigot for thinking like this, it makes opening the conversation harder than it ought to be. There are also many people I have not dared discuss it with (I am a teacher and Girlguiding leader) as if I openly disagree with Girlguiding, I will be removed as a leader. I admire the courage of those who have stood up to them.

As a teacher I try to keep the pupils’ minds open if it comes up (it rarely does with my subject).

Saying “I think all gender stereotypes are bad” caused some discussion though and I thought that was a safe statement. I do not think young people should do anything irreversible and hormones and “puberty blockers” are just that.

We need far more support with mental health and the wider difficulties of being a teenager in general. It’s a hard age to be.

Only a couple have stopped following me on social media. As I have a protected account I have been limited use and had limited harm.

If I were to speak out within Girlguiding, I would have to stop volunteering.

I admire those who have spoken out but haven’t done it myself as I’m scared for the consequences.

EB, Teacher, parent, Girlguiding leader


I’m a rape survivor and a refugee, and I know first hand how important single sex spaces are to the safety of women and girls.

This matters to me because I’m a medical doctor who swore to do no harm and to protect general public from harmful ideologies and political influences that seek to harm and profit from their healthcare. Because I saw the medical scandal unfold and institutions being complicit. Because I’m a rape survivor and a refugee, and I know first hand how important single sex spaces are to the safety of women and girls.

I’ve written extensively from a medical, feminist, ethical and philosophical perspectives. I submitted responses to all the relevant enquiries.

I petitioned politicians and medical regulatory bodies. I collaborated with colleagues to reverse damaging guidances from various medical institutions world-wide.

I have experienced worsening of my physical and mental health symptoms due to highly threatening and inflammatory environment transactivists have created and I have to take regular breaks from all this in order to keep well. None of this would be necessary in a respectful debate, which I normally quite enjoy.

la scapigliata, doctor, radical feminist

Education Healthcare

I worry for the long term effects that this ideology will have on children

I care because women as a sex class are fundamentally different to men and the language used recently erases these differences.

The reason women face sexism is due to us having the majority of the reproductive burden and to suggest men could claim to be a woman and face the same thing minimises it.

Finally, I worry for the long term effects that this ideology will have on children as no enough research has been done in this area.

I have spoken to some friends and family regarding these issues, particularly the effects on children. I follow many gender critical people/organisations/communities to stay up to date and educated on the topic.

When speaking to one family member about the topic, I barely scratched the surface before they started calling me a “TERF” and saying they were disappointed in me. I haven’t touched on the topic with my family since.


Education Healthcare survivor

I would be halfway through my transition by now

This issue is deeply important to me for many reasons.

I learned about Self ID and was panic stricken as I have been made a victim of sexual violence by men repeatedly, and single sex spaces are vital to my ability to access public services.

I like with chronic pain and C-PTSD as a result of the abuse I have suffered, and single sex spaces help me in managing my physical and mental health when out in public.  I also am a lesbian woman, and was horrified to learn about the new ‘Woke Homophobia’, whereby gender ideology and trans activists insist that men can be lesbians, and that lesbians are same ‘gender’ attracted not same sex attracted. This erases homosexuality, and makes the discrimination lesbians face impossible to address. I am also concerned as a primary school teacher, that child psychology and development is being ignored in favour of lobby groups who have their own aims and dismiss developmental psychology and basic child safeguarding.  And finally, due to sexual violence, I had a period of time where I experienced gender dysphoria and I understand how horrid it feels to feel trapped in your own body, but I know that this condition can be managed and recovered from, and I know that the basis for my dysphoria was sexual violence and my wish to not be a woman and escape sexual violence. Were I 15 years younger, I would be half way through my transition by now and it would have been a catastrophic mistake. I am deeply concerned for young lesbians and children who are being sent down an experimental and physically and psychologically dangerous path, as guinea pigs.

I have led direct action protests, I have spoken to friends and family, I have written to my MP, I have been vocal on social media, I have written an article, I have even shared information with dates!

I have had a Twitter ban, for a tweet that explains queer theory, which was bizarre. I have also had difficult conversations with friends who misunderstand the issues, many however, now support me due to their own observations. The most negative consequences have been during direct action protests where I have been intimidated, spat at, screamed at in my face by trans activists. I was also followed by a trans identified male, and was very unsettled. I am mostly concerned about being harassed by previous abusers, and by male trans activists. I feel frightened attending talks, in case someone is intimidated or violent.

Sofia, lesbian radical feminist activist

Education Healthcare

I feel so completely and utterly betrayed by publicly funded and third sector organisations

I was sexually assaulted by a boy at my school while I was asleep. In late 2017 I read the LGBT Youth Scotland guidance, which recommends that boys who identify as transgender be allowed to share sleeping accommodation with girls on residential trips, and anyone complaining should be reminded of “equality, inclusion and respect”. 

After my experiences I would have found it incredibly distressing to have to share a bedroom with someone I perceived to be a boy.

I really could not believe that this guidance had been endorsed by so many children’s organisations and not one of them had considered or even noticed the potential impact of this on girls.

I wrote a Children’s Rights Impact Assessment (CRIA) of the LGBT Youth Scotland transgender schools guidance. I used a very comprehensive template developed by the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland. In the accompanying guidance to the template, CYPCS mentioned that they offered support and assistance to those writing CRIA’s using their template, so I took them up on this. I was working with Women and Girls in Scotland and when we published the CRIA we got some press attention, and CYPCS wrote to the Scottish Government regarding the guidance.  The Scottish Government are now working on a replacement, in part I think due to the CRIA and the intervention of CYPCS. I’m now working with For Women Scotland, focusing on children and education.

This has been very personal and sometimes traumatic for me.

I feel so completely and utterly betrayed that no publicly funded or third sector organisation in Scotland has ever spoken in defence of the interests of girls in relation to the issue of transgender inclusion in schools (or anywhere else), including those organisations who are funded to represent women and girls and the issues that affect them.

This is despite the Scottish Government now acknowledging that these ‘inclusive’ policies do indeed risk excluding girls. My family have been incredibly supportive, as have some of my friends, but I think the biggest toll has been on my mental health.

When I heard Shirley-Anne Somerville’s speech where she announced the replacement of the guidance I cried for a long time.

Education Healthcare

A bullying group has turned truth into lies

Sex is real. sex defines humans and mammals. it is the way laws and protections are established and maintained in our society.

Seeing these meaningful definitions being eradicated by the Trans lobby, behaving like a dictatorship, is scary.

it’s threatens and undermines our protections and freedoms. Anyone who speaks out as “concerned“ is vilified as hateful, by a bullying group that has turned truths into lies, implying they are victims when they are actually the perpetrators.

There are many dangers, allowing such a lobby, that relies on lying about the most important aspect of our lives SEX, to attack women and gain access to us and our children.

I have been emailing organisations like safeguarding hub that criticises breast binding in Africa meanwhile lottery funding is given to breast binding businesses in the UK. I have written to M&S about changing rooms. I have written to Baroness Nicholson, Liz Truss, to members of the civil service about the LGBTQ champion who is head of the Department for Education, he also has a child who is “trans”, a huge conflict of interest.

I have questioned a Labour Councillor through labour complaints for her hate speech towards women on Twitter. Labour threatened me with further action if I discussed my complaint on social media, they deemed she was not guilty of inappropriate behaviour using swearing & slurs.

I’ve had my mental health questioned. I have been called a *unt by a labour man on social media. when I complained & resigned my labour membership I was reprimanded for using bad  language when relating the names I’d been called!

I advised a group of women who were “friends” & childminders, that drag queens in Brixton library was wrong for under 5’s, & that they need parental permission as it’s political, they verbally attacked me & I had to block them from my life. These are just a few instances. My anxiety has been bad due to my fears of retaliation. I have had to ensure my name can’t be traced to my home.


Healthcare Parent

We need to stop the normalisation of this ideology

My daughter announced she was trans a few years ago. She wishes to pursue medical transition. She is 15, autistic and has many mental health issues. School, mental health services and medical services have all changed her name and pronouns against my wishes. We need to stop the normalisation of this ideology. Stop teaching kids they can be the opposite sex if they want to. Stop allowing medical experimentation on the young, autistic, mainly bi or lesbian girls of this generation.

I helped start Bayswater Support Group, a parent support network to help parents who question the affirmation only approach to kids who declare a trans identity. I have attended feminist events, I shout loud on twitter and have conversations with relevant medical and mental health personnel to try and change their approach.

I have lost one of my oldest friends as her child was one of the youngest to ever take puberty blockers in the uk. I have been blocked by friends because I refuse to accept this ideology.

Genuinely , A mum and a doctor, ready to do battle to keep the gender ideologies away from my child

Healthcare Parent

Schools need to work with parents, not push them out of the picture

This is very personal for me. My 14 year old daughter (likely ASD, complex mental health history) told her Year Head that she wanted to transition to a boy. The Year Head embraces this with enthusiasm and formally transitioned her across the school behind our backs. When we found out and told him we wanted to do watchful waiting (non affirmative, giving her a neutral space to grow and develop) he told us we had no say as parents. I had no idea affirmation was pushed by lobby groups to school as the only acceptable approach.

It’s a highly complex, sensitive issue and schools need to work with parents, not push them out of the picture.

I have written to multiple MPs and MSPs as well as the Children’s Commissioner Scotland. I am active on social media and in a parent support group pushing for evidence based medicine around gender dysphoria in children and adolescents. I have attended and spoken from the floor at various meetings – e.g. seminar at the Scottish Parliament on GD in children/adolescents.

I do the vast majority anonymously to protect my daughter’s privacy. I get backlash on social media- just the usual calling me an abusive parent (and one told me my experience was “not worthy of respect in a democratic society” – wonder where they got that from Maya, eh?). IRL has been fine as have only told a small supportive group of friends. School has been a battle with some teachers supportive, others not.