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A lot of WoC are falling for the trans rhetoric but forgetting about the injustices women still face

I care because sexism and misogyny are still rife within society and I hate how a lot of WoC are falling for the trans rhetoric but forgetting about the injustices women still face (especially black and brown women). I’m sympathetic to trans individuals and have nothing against them but their rights shouldn’t come at the detriment of women’s – there’s still many battlegrounds women have to overcome and we can’t forget this.

I’ve donated to campaigns and supported Fair Play For Women.

I know there will be consequences because of the social circles and demographic I’m a part of.

Fai, Gen Millenial, Mixed Race


I dedicate all my time to a fight for equality

This matters to me because it’s important to recognise women as a social/political/legal class. Without it, you can’t have an effective political movement. To erase the definition of a woman and replace it with a feeling serves to entrench sexism even further into our collective thinking which makes it harder to fight with sexist stereotypes (since they’re considered ‘identity’). Further, it serves to get rid of legal protections given to women based on their sex.

It matters to me because I can’t speak out my mind without being considered a bigot while I dedicate all my time to a fight for equality.

I have spoken to friends and family, engaged in online debates and spoken about it on my social media.

I have lost friends and felt excluded from mainstream feminist/ LGBT communities.

AK, bisexual woman, feminist, Poland

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I feel that I should be able to ask for female providers

I care because I am a woman. If I ever am in a compromising situation, I feel that I should be able to ask for female providers and that it shouldn’t be considered transphobic to do so. I also know that it’s important to fight for rights regarding my biology, because that’s the basis for sexism

I have shared on social media. I have also talked to friends. Thankfully my close friends are in agreement with me. However, if I speak out to a wider circle, I will lose friends.

I am very afraid, because I see “no TERFs” in advertising for women’s rights marches and know they mean people like me. I know I’m not welcome in society. And as a heterosexual white woman, the view is that I’m privileged. However, I suffer through sexism all the same.

Sydney, Female musician, Canada


Women are united by their female biology

I care because I can’t stand to see scientific reality be dismissed like this for the feelings of a minority. Sexism still exists, and to imply that women are only women because of their identification or “women’s brains” totally erases it. A woman can have any brain, any personality, but women are united by their female biology.

So far I have only discussed this with tolerant friends and on social media (not under my own name).

I have faced a lot of online abuse.



As a doctor I fear that predatory men will take advantage of “gender identity” rules to assault vulnerable women in hospitals

I’m a senior doctor, who qualified into a very male dominated profession. Sexism (even when inadvertent) was & is the norm, and difficult to get addressed. As it is, female patients’ problems can be dismissed readily if the diagnosis isn’t obvious.

My biggest fear is that predatory men will take advantage of “gender identity” rules to assault vulnerable women in hospitals, as they have in prisons already.

I have started to engage on Twitter: the pile-on to JK Rowling’s tweets have been galvanising for me on this issue. It took a while for me to understand that “transwomen” had extended beyond the realm of people who had actually transitioned (or were in the process of it) to people who are male-bodied and not committed to transition.

I have also contacted my medical indemnity association: the NHS guidance is very woolly on what happens if female patients object to the presence of an obvious man in a hospital ward.

Essentially, the staff are told to try to justify it to the other patients and if all else fails, find a single room for one or other of the parties.

I have been told that I should be ashamed to be a doctor, that they feel “sorry for patients” having to deal with me. I have been placed on a “TERF” blocklist. I have been called racist, homophobic, and inevitably “transphobic” (and that was after bringing up examples of women prisoners being raped).

I have had to lock my account, particularly as I am worried that I will be reported to the regulator for being critical of gender-identity, and could face sanctions on my career.

N, Doctor

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Sex based stereotypes have massively increased with social media where the most lauded women look like Kardashians.

I have never understood why just because I have a female body I should have lesser opportunities than my brother, why I should be listened to less than my male bodied colleagues. After a lifetime of this I understand that women are oppressed on account of their biology.

At about age 6 I told my mum I was a boy and she should refer to me by a boys name and she should also inform my teacher. I remember the fury I felt when the teacher referred to me by my female name! I don’t really remember why I wanted to be seen as a boy. I think I had told someone i wanted to be a pilot and their response was girls can’t be pilots ( this was 1970s). I fear that if that happened now I would be on a trans pathway whereas in reality at that age I had absolutely no conception of gender but was learning about sexism.

I  fight on behalf of my 6 yr old self and all other “gender non-conforming” children. 

In my opinion sex based stereotypes have massively increased with social media where the most lauded women look like Kardashians.

I have spoken to friends,  colleagues (although warily), have pointed out the mistake  in an online training package where gender was listed as a protected characteristic but not sex. I’ve posted on social media about this.

I’ve been put on terf blocker or block terfs or whatever list. I left the Scottish Green Party. I’ve become politically homeless.


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I worry for the long term effects that this ideology will have on children

I care because women as a sex class are fundamentally different to men and the language used recently erases these differences.

The reason women face sexism is due to us having the majority of the reproductive burden and to suggest men could claim to be a woman and face the same thing minimises it.

Finally, I worry for the long term effects that this ideology will have on children as no enough research has been done in this area.

I have spoken to some friends and family regarding these issues, particularly the effects on children. I follow many gender critical people/organisations/communities to stay up to date and educated on the topic.

When speaking to one family member about the topic, I barely scratched the surface before they started calling me a “TERF” and saying they were disappointed in me. I haven’t touched on the topic with my family since.



My experiences are the experiences of millions of women

My whole life has been determined by my female sex.

From household responsibilities when my mother left home to adult domestic responsibilities.. from pregnancy,  abortion, miscarriage and childbirth to childrearing and motherhood.. from childhood sexual abuse to teen rape.. from low pay and casual sexism in the workplace to a reduced pension entitlement…from my survival as a female infant to auto immune disease post menopause.

My experiences are the experiences of millions of women, and they are not the result of us identifying as female, but are the cold harsh reality of being born with xx chromosomes and being born as girls

The rights that women have now, the rights we have fought for that give women some level of equality and independence and recognise coercion in relationships and rape in marriage and allow women to have and manage their own money were not ceded by men lightly and were granted on the basis of biological sex. Sex matters

I have become active on this issue on social media and have made blog posts and also discuss this issue socially

I have had my Twitter account suspended for posting GC tweets, I have been harassed on Facebook and I have lost friends in real life who have labelled me transphobic

Kate Styles, Woman, Mother, Grandmother


If you can’t talk about women, sexism cannot be stopped

If you can’t talk about women, sexism cannot be stopped.

The existence of single sex spaces is for a reason, mostly safety, and as long as the reason for them exists, so should they.

I am concerned because I don’t want my gender non-conforming child to be told he is in the ‘wrong’ body, I just want him to dress and act as he likes as himself.

What do i do? I ‘like’ as much as I can that I agree with, so that support becomes more evident and let people know that I share their beliefs.

No one should feel like a lone voice just because many gender critical people are scared of the threats they know they will receive.

Also I have begun challenging people in online spaces, presenting my side of things and emphasising that women should be free to talk.

Any consequences? Not yet. But I only got brave a day ago. Personally I give it about a week. However, I have been blocked by politicians and women’s representatives for FOLLOWING the ‘wrong’ accounts.

Femineminism, Fed up feminist who believes in observable reality


Women need their own words, spaces, rights to assemble

I care because I am a Woman. I care because I have a daughter. Women need their own words, spaces, rights to assemble. No other class of people would be told they must accept their oppressor into their own class of people. Moreover, my daughter is disabled and my responsibilities stretch beyond my own lifetime. I want to know her right to same-sex care will be protected. Her right to undress outwith the male gaze is maintained.

In a world in which Women are overly sexualised from an early age it is appalling that we would be asked to give up our privacy. Telling Women to embrace discomfort or that saying no is bigotry is coercive.

My Government has already redefined Woman in one Act- more will follow and in law Women will no longer be deemed to exist as a material reality. This terrifies me as if we do not exist as a material reality violence against Women disappears, sexism disappears, misogyny disappears. How often Women are told their concerns are ‘all in their head’ like their concerns are made up, imagined, but when something is in a man’s head it automatically becomes truth.

I have set up a social media account devoted to this subject in an attempt to get information to as many Women as possible since Governments are not informing Women of the changes that are being made. I attended a demonstration. I attend Women’s meeting. I leafleted re GRA reform. I have written to politicians.

I have been name-called on social media. Being called Terf is a regular occurrence. I have been added to ‘Nazi’ lists. I have received threatening memes. And sexual comments have been made to me. I have been called stupid, and told I need re educated as many times as I have been called Terf.

EH, worried, exhausted but still standing