It’s a small life, I can’t trust all that easily and the wounds I carry bleed from time to time, but it’s a life and I owe that to the women that looked after me as soon as I left the airport.

I care about this issue because at the age of 14 I was raped to try and correct my homosexuality. I came to the UK as soon as I could at the age of 18 to seek asylum due to the harassment I received in my home country following the very public trial.

The people that raped me knew what a woman was, if I’d have been a gay man they would have hit and physically assaulted me and not raped me. It is important that we acknowledge and deal with the issues at the heart of violence against women in the UK as well as internationally.

If women coming to this country to seek asylum for MVAW (male violence against women) cannot tell their stories and get meaningful help because their language is now hate speech or exclusionary then how much of a safe refuge is this country?

I was broken when I came here in 2001, I’d experienced an unwanted pregnancy due to the rape and tried to abort at home due to abortion being illegal in my home country. It didn’t work and I was forced to carry my trauma with me for 9 months only to give birth to a child that only survived for 76hrs due to damage caused to his brain by my attempts to terminate. I have to live with this. A lot of women have to live with these kinds of wounds.

We need a place and a language to talk about our issues and to heal. To find support that demands nothing from us, not validation, not that we change our language, nothing.

I managed to get the help I needed and have managed to carve out a life here. It’s a small life, I can’t trust all that easily and the wounds I carry bleed from time to time, but it’s a life and I owe that to the women that looked after me as soon as I left the airport. The female doctors and nurses I was able to ask for, the female therapist who was with me for 15 years and delayed her retirement to help me stand on my own. The lecturers at my university who guided me and helped me gain a degree and become financially independent of the state. The lesbian community that helped me accept myself. They became my tribe, I am thankful.

I have written to my MP, I have been to his surgery to speak to him. He seems sympathetic, he’s from a Religious minority group himself and seems sympathetic but I’m not sure he has really done much about this as his party is firmly pro trans.

I have joined online forums and signed petitions and donated where I could. All the people I speak to seem to be very sympathetic and understand the insanity of where women find ourselves but many fear speaking publicly as do I.

I’ve lost friends. I work in an NHS mental heath setting and most of the people I work with understand the insanity of the current trans movement but this is whispered in dark corners and can never be said openly.

Everyone is scared, I had a colleague say to me a while back that we, as mental heath services, are going to pay dearly for this in a few years time but we daren’t go against the Stonewall lobby that is everywhere in our Trust.

As a mother, grandmother, feminist, educationalist, woman, this matters to me for a number of reasons. As a survivor of domestic abuse, I know how vital to me were women only spaces. I would not have been able to get the support I needed if I had not been confident that specific spaces were open only to women. The fear of such spaces being available to male-bodied people, however they identify, is very real and, I believe, would prevent women from accessing safety, support and much needed resources.

Sex is real. Women are women. Women’s oppression is based on sex. Women’s hard-won rights are in real danger of being eroded. Trans people have rights and, obviously, shoukd do. These are safeguarded in law. As are sex-based rights. The two are separate. One set of rights should not, and need not, trump another. Women are women, transwomen are transwomen and both should be safeguarded.

I am deeply concerned at what is being promulgated in schools and what children and young people are being told online. Feminism has fought for years to break down gender stereotypes. Our nonconforming children should be allowed/encouraged to be just that. Dress wearing boys and tomboy girls should not be told they are in the wrong body.

It’s clear that many young people, disproportionately girls, disproportionately those with conditions like autism, are being put on a path to medicalised transition too early, too quickly and often inappropriately. There is insufficient research into the impact of puberty blockers and what evidence there is suggests not the ‘pause’ as is often cited but the first step in an increasingly inevitable pathway.

Women are being silenced. We are afraid to speak for fear of casually being labelled and abused as transphobic. We are not. Generally, we are progressive women with histories of fighting for human rights and many causes. We haven’t suddenly become bigots. We are not transphobic. We ARE supporters of women’s rights.

I’ve made social media posts, attended consultation at House of Lords and submitted evidence to the Gender Recognition Act consultation.

P, Women matter


Difference is what makes us human and should be celebrated

This is crucially important as the only thing that makes us male or female is our bodies and there is no such think as being born in the wrong body.  Difference is what makes us human and should be celebrated, not forced in to limiting social constructs that oppress us all and reinforce stereotypes. 

Bodies matter in other ways too and male bodies are much stronger, faster and more powerful so should not be allowed to enter women’s sports.  Only men rape, so they should not be allowed access to our sex-segregated spaces.  Safety, privacy and dignity are desperately important. 

I am also very concerned about the meaning of language and that words that are very specific can be changed as casually as the definition of the word Woman, now changed in law by the Scottish Government.

I have attended rallies (threatened by trans activists beforehand, who also told the organisers that we were intending to rush the stage and be violent – a complete fabrication).

I help to organise local meetings that are very peaceful but have been subjected to really vicious and threatening abuse by trans activists and even local politicians standing outside of the venues.

I work as hard as I can to raise awareness of the issues involved, handing out leaflets and standing up whenever I am able, to share details and correct misinformation.

I am in a number of groups that share links and other information, acting within a political party to support and protect women’s rights and fight against the erasure of the meaning of being a woman / female.

I have written to my MP and been ignored.

On a training course the transgender trainer was extremely unpleasant when I said that women and transwomen have different health care needs.  They made a complaint to my manager.

I was subjected to very intimidating abuse and threats at meeting venues, monitored by trans activists within my political party and my views closed down immediately when attempting to defend women’s rights.

On Twitter & Facebook I have been told to die in a fire and that I should be raped to death, subjected to outrageously offensive comments and aggression, and reporting these comments to the Twitter and Fb resulted in no action being taken by the perpetrators.

I have had my face filmed very closely by some abusive trans activists (some masked) who were attempting to intimidate me from attending a meeting.


Education Healthcare

I worry for the long term effects that this ideology will have on children

I care because women as a sex class are fundamentally different to men and the language used recently erases these differences.

The reason women face sexism is due to us having the majority of the reproductive burden and to suggest men could claim to be a woman and face the same thing minimises it.

Finally, I worry for the long term effects that this ideology will have on children as no enough research has been done in this area.

I have spoken to some friends and family regarding these issues, particularly the effects on children. I follow many gender critical people/organisations/communities to stay up to date and educated on the topic.

When speaking to one family member about the topic, I barely scratched the surface before they started calling me a “TERF” and saying they were disappointed in me. I haven’t touched on the topic with my family since.


Education Healthcare

A bullying group has turned truth into lies

Sex is real. sex defines humans and mammals. it is the way laws and protections are established and maintained in our society.

Seeing these meaningful definitions being eradicated by the Trans lobby, behaving like a dictatorship, is scary.

it’s threatens and undermines our protections and freedoms. Anyone who speaks out as “concerned“ is vilified as hateful, by a bullying group that has turned truths into lies, implying they are victims when they are actually the perpetrators.

There are many dangers, allowing such a lobby, that relies on lying about the most important aspect of our lives SEX, to attack women and gain access to us and our children.

I have been emailing organisations like safeguarding hub that criticises breast binding in Africa meanwhile lottery funding is given to breast binding businesses in the UK. I have written to M&S about changing rooms. I have written to Baroness Nicholson, Liz Truss, to members of the civil service about the LGBTQ champion who is head of the Department for Education, he also has a child who is “trans”, a huge conflict of interest.

I have questioned a Labour Councillor through labour complaints for her hate speech towards women on Twitter. Labour threatened me with further action if I discussed my complaint on social media, they deemed she was not guilty of inappropriate behaviour using swearing & slurs.

I’ve had my mental health questioned. I have been called a *unt by a labour man on social media. when I complained & resigned my labour membership I was reprimanded for using bad  language when relating the names I’d been called!

I advised a group of women who were “friends” & childminders, that drag queens in Brixton library was wrong for under 5’s, & that they need parental permission as it’s political, they verbally attacked me & I had to block them from my life. These are just a few instances. My anxiety has been bad due to my fears of retaliation. I have had to ensure my name can’t be traced to my home.


Education Healthcare Parent

I know how important language is

I care because I can see how important this is to women’s rights. I could not understand that people were making untrue statements such as trans women are women – and this was to be recognised legally. I know how important language is to if we redefine woman then women’s rights are also under threat. I started looking into the issue further and was horrified to see the promotion of gender ideological ideals being pushed in schools (the various agencies they use and the games they play such as the dice – that is not sex education – it is entirely hedonistic), children being given hormone blockers with little empirical evidence of the long term effects. I cannot believe that this is being allowed here in the UK. I am a mother, I taught for 15 years and I am shocked that children have not been protected from this – absolute madness.

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I’ve been on Twitter and I have informed friends which include teachers, nursers, and specialist children’s service workers. None of them knew about this. I don’t feel I can share anything publicly,

I reasoned if something as benign as JK.Rowling’s series of tweets was deemed hate speech (seriously this term needs explaining as there was nothing hateful in those tweets) I thought people might think I was transphobic and bigoted.

I have no issue with people want to dress or present but I do believe that sex education should not be about gender identity – rather it should be biologically based with discussion on sexual orientation (gay, lesbian, bi, heterosexual) with discussion on intimacy and love discussed too.

I have had someone calling me ‘asshole’, TERF, bigot and ignorant on social media (Twitter) when talking with others about not feeling we could share anything publicly, the thread was asking if anyone had joined anonymously just to discuss this issue – many of us had. Someone intercepted the discussion (nothing derogatory about any group of people, it was only saying things like ‘I wasn’t aware of this issue). I have not been rude or hostile to anyone in the discussions.

C, Feeling concerned about gender ideology

Healthcare Parent

Policy makers have embraced the trans doctrine without any thought

There are so many reasons I care about this.

I hate to see the erasure of our sex and the language associated with it – women, breastfeeding, pregnant women etc., just to satisfy the narcissism of a few entitled men.

I loath the self righteousness of woke commentators who couldn’t care less about vulnerable girls and women.

I worry about children being brainwashed into thinking they’re born in the wrong body and encouraged to be mutilated and medicated, all under a false guise of compassion and progressivism. I also worry about how this  ideology is promoting misogyny and homophobia and how it will affect vulnerable girls and young women and their rights to protection, privacy and to fair competition.

And finally, it frustrates me to see how policy makers have embraced the trans doctrine without any thought to how it will impact on women.

I haven’t done much other than debate on my twitter account and to discuss with friends and family, most of whom agree with me anyway.

Any consequences? Other than some insults on social media, no.

Barbara R, Switzerland

Healthcare Parent

The boundaries which define my existence…are being erased in law

As a woman, a feminist and now as a mother this matters to me because the boundaries which define my existence as a female person are being erased in law.

Legally, politically and socially the definition of woman is being diluted to the point of nothingness for the benefit of males.

The sex-based protections offered to women through the 2010 Equalities Act become entirely meaningless and thus leave women and children at even greater risk from male violence.

Our rights, our safety, our privacy and even the language we use to speak of our lives, bodies, our uniquely female experiences and how we are oppressed globally under patriarchy is threatened by this unnecessary and highly misogynistic redefinition.

I have attended some feminist talks and meetings about this issue.I have donated money to feminist groups when possible. I try to have civil and straightforward conversations about these issues with the people in my life. I read widely and research as much as I can. I share and discuss content online in feminist groups and through an anonymous account.

I have gotten into emotionally charged debates with some people. My anonymous social media account has been featured in several “terf block and stay safe” lists circulated online. I have received some nasty, misogynistic comments.

Lisa W., Radfem mother


I am concerned that there will be no safe spaces for women

I care because as a woman I am scared of the erasure of women. I am concerned that there will be no safe spaces for women, no women in sport or industry. I care that I am being reduced to a vessel when I am referred to as a menstruator or similar dehumanising language. 

I care because I have a one year old son. I don’t want him to be told his body is wrong if he doesn’t display enough stereotypical male behaviours.

I care because I don’t believe children should be medically experimented on as we are currently seeing with puberty blockers and pathways to irreversible hormone treatments and surgeries.

I have debated this, softly, on social media. I am a, admittedly mostly quiet and learning, member of the mumsnet feminist board. I’m a member of a few gender critical social media groups. I took part in the GRA government consultation. I have resolved to write to my MP on this subject. But mostly, shamefully, I don’t speak up enough.

It’s been made very clear my social circle contains a few extremely vocal people who will loudly insist trans women are women. I’ve been labelled a terf and a bigot for things as simple as wanting to discuss the place of trans women in sports.



If they found out my RL identity I would be unsafe

I care about this because I am a woman, and I care about other women’s safety. If I were to be imprisoned tomorrow, there could be a transwoman in my cell.

Sex segregated spaces are essential, and to include men in them makes them pointless.


Legally, the definition of woman needs to mean adult human female.  I also have an autistic child, and find the stats around trans indentified minors terrifying, given the current state of affirmative ‘healthcare’.

I have joined Twitter to learn more, support gender critical Twitter, share & write posts, and fill out consultations when they are available. I post on Facebook about gender critical issues occasionally. I have bought merchandise that supports gender critical campaigns.  

I have been called TERF, Nazi, bigot, personally insulted, threatened with rape, and it has been suggested that if they found out my RL identity I would be unsafe. For this reason my Twitter a/c is not in my real name as I would be easily identified.

In real life I have been told I shouldn’t talk about these issues, because it’s ‘unkind’.

Isobel, Adult human female, feminist, mother of an autistic son