My granddaughter deserves the right to grow up knowing she is female and what that actually means

I care because women’s biological reality is what has been used as an excuse to oppress women – not how we ‘identify’!

It is very important to me to regain women’s right to their own spaces (including but not limited to refuges, prisons, healthcare, social matters, and sexuality), words that describe us (including but not limited to ‘women’ ‘female’ ‘mother’), and the right to discuss what is important without being shouted down, threatened or assaulted.

My granddaughter deserves the right to grow up knowing she is female and what that actually means, without being confused by ‘gender identities’ or by the lack of safeguarding that comes with the TRA agenda.

I have emailed my MP, attended a WPUK event, highlighted the GRA (Gender Recognition Act) consultation on social media, queried myths on social media, supported those who speak gender critical truths, and liked JK on Twitter!

I’ve experienced some vicious attacks on social media, with the loss of some friends.

CE, Woman, mother, grandmother


As a doctor I fear that predatory men will take advantage of “gender identity” rules to assault vulnerable women in hospitals

I’m a senior doctor, who qualified into a very male dominated profession. Sexism (even when inadvertent) was & is the norm, and difficult to get addressed. As it is, female patients’ problems can be dismissed readily if the diagnosis isn’t obvious.

My biggest fear is that predatory men will take advantage of “gender identity” rules to assault vulnerable women in hospitals, as they have in prisons already.

I have started to engage on Twitter: the pile-on to JK Rowling’s tweets have been galvanising for me on this issue. It took a while for me to understand that “transwomen” had extended beyond the realm of people who had actually transitioned (or were in the process of it) to people who are male-bodied and not committed to transition.

I have also contacted my medical indemnity association: the NHS guidance is very woolly on what happens if female patients object to the presence of an obvious man in a hospital ward.

Essentially, the staff are told to try to justify it to the other patients and if all else fails, find a single room for one or other of the parties.

I have been told that I should be ashamed to be a doctor, that they feel “sorry for patients” having to deal with me. I have been placed on a “TERF” blocklist. I have been called racist, homophobic, and inevitably “transphobic” (and that was after bringing up examples of women prisoners being raped).

I have had to lock my account, particularly as I am worried that I will be reported to the regulator for being critical of gender-identity, and could face sanctions on my career.

N, Doctor


As a rape victim, I don’t want people with penises in my changing rooms, in my toilets, in women’s prisons.

This matters to me as a rape victim, I don’t want people with penises in my changing rooms, in my toilets, in women’s prisons. And as for biological men (who identify as women) competing in women’s sports that makes my blood boil, I know as a female I can’t throw as far, run as fast, lift as heavy as a biological male and it makes me so mad that women, no matter how hard they try will never be able to compete.

I have also been looking into autogynophilia and it scares me, I think a large number of these men have this. I honestly have no problems with people that have fully transitioned. And the vile abuse that people get on Twitter for saying all this is scary.

I’ve liked things on Twitter. I’m too scared to even retweet. I refuse to be called cis, I’m a woman.

I have been called a transphobe by my good friends. I change the subject now because it makes me uncomfortable.

Moonface , Not cis

Education Healthcare

I know what a social construction is and what material reality is

There are males on lesbian dating apps who reply with aggression when they are politely told that they don’t belong there (that’s happened to me twice).

A woman I know personally was banned from a lesbian dating app for telling a male person that they did not belong there.

I am concerned about the physical and emotion safety of female prisoners who are already very vulnerable, if male violent or sexual offenders are housed in female prisons.

I need to teach the small children in my care that they are correct to be wary of men and I cannot do that if the words we use to describe them are taken away.

We (women, females) cannot organise properly to defend our rights if the words we use are taken and redefined.

The children in the primary school I taught at were taught that you can be born in the wrong body, and it is not true and it’s harmful. A teenage lesbian I know has been convinced that she is a boy and is going to start undergoing serious medical interventions which will cause potentially permanent changes to her body, because of stereotypes. The idea that your personality tracks your sex or your sex tracks your personality are fundamentally regressive positions. I know what a social construction is and what material reality is and I wont pretend not to.

I have spoken to some friends in real life and I lost a couple. I have posted occasionally on social media but not under my real name as I am scared of professional consequences.


Education Parent

I am a teacher and I know I would lose my job if I was too vocal

I’m a woman with a daughter. The world is already difficult enough in terms of inequality.

It concerns me that my daughter will be made to feel as though she’s ‘wrong’ if she doesn’t conform to the gender stereotypes charities like Mermaids seem to use as a sign someone is trans. I was a tomboy but I’m still female. I don’t wear sexy short skirts but I’m still female.

I believe women have the right to single sex spaces. It is patently unsafe to allow men who self id as women into women’s toilets, prisons, hospital wards, refuges, changing rooms. If a third space is needed, it should not replace female space

I worry about young lesbians being told they’re wrong for not accepting male genitals in a sex partner.

I am concerned about women’s sports. It’s already subject to inequality. Allowing male bodied people to compete as women will wipe out female sport.

I am concerned that women are being ignored and erased.

I haven’t experienced any negative consequences, because I am careful with the people I voice my opinion to.

I am a teacher and I know I could lose my job if I was ‘too vocal’.

Healthcare Parent

We…should not be gaslit by those supposed to care

This matters to me for several reasons.

I spent several years in women’s refuges with my child and realising that women and children like us, full of trauma, could be forced to accept having males as residents or staff no matter how they identify is deeply worrying and upsetting.

We need this environment to be female and children only and should not be gaslit by those supposed to care. I worry about vulnerable women in prison, in hospitals, on closed wards. I worry that women’s spaces are no longer women’s spaces and that we won’t know until it’s too late. I am deeply concerned about the huge amount of young people who now say they identify as trans and the way they are being constantly affirmed.

I have written letters, attended one meeting, distributed literature, had conversations with refuge staff, I am active on social media under an assumed name, I have spoken to some people in real life, I’ve donated to as many fundraisers as I can, translated information from Scandinavia alongside other small actions

I have been threatened and abused on Social Media and have been unable to speak in my own name through fear of doxxing. I am unable to speak about this socially as it could affect my sons education as we home educate, so since leaving refuge I have chosen to only speak to those I know share my views.

Leonora Christina


If they found out my RL identity I would be unsafe

I care about this because I am a woman, and I care about other women’s safety. If I were to be imprisoned tomorrow, there could be a transwoman in my cell.

Sex segregated spaces are essential, and to include men in them makes them pointless.


Legally, the definition of woman needs to mean adult human female.  I also have an autistic child, and find the stats around trans indentified minors terrifying, given the current state of affirmative ‘healthcare’.

I have joined Twitter to learn more, support gender critical Twitter, share & write posts, and fill out consultations when they are available. I post on Facebook about gender critical issues occasionally. I have bought merchandise that supports gender critical campaigns.  

I have been called TERF, Nazi, bigot, personally insulted, threatened with rape, and it has been suggested that if they found out my RL identity I would be unsafe. For this reason my Twitter a/c is not in my real name as I would be easily identified.

In real life I have been told I shouldn’t talk about these issues, because it’s ‘unkind’.

Isobel, Adult human female, feminist, mother of an autistic son


Women’s safe spaces will be eroded

I am concerned that if self-id legislation is introduced then men will be able to identify as women and women’s safe spaces will be eroded. I am concerned that male prisoners will self-identify as female so that they can be transferred to a women’s prison. As a parent I am  concerned that children are being allowed to stop their puberty and are then put on cross sex hormones at a young age and I am concerned about women losing out on sporting opportunities to trans women.

I have written to Marks and Spencer about their changing room policies. I also post on Twitter. I complained to the GMC about the behaviour of Dr Adrian Harrop.

I have had negative reactions on Twitter from Trans Rights Activists.