It pisses me of that men transitioning late in life are going into schools and talking to girls about working in STEM

I care because it pisses me of that men transitioning late in life are going into schools and talking to girls about working in STEM. Completely ignoring their male privilege and the things that girls have to endure, ongoing low level objectification/harassment, assault, periods and associated pain/bleeding/flooding/mood swings/impact on concentration.

I talk to friends, carefully to see if we agree. Discussed at sporting event when J K Rowling was declared a terf and explained what it meant and the implications for self Id in sport A man asked me if I didn’t believe that twaw on social media in response the matrix producers that transitioned. I am ashamed to say I didn’t flat out say no. If there were women they wouldn’t have got the money to make that film in the 1990s.


Private sector

As a woman in tech, I totally understand what being a minority is

As a woman in tech, I totally understand what being a minority is. I totally get what discrimination is, including plenty of subtle ways that women in tech experience. I know it sucks. I can only imagine how difficult it is for trans people, I feel for them, and I’d love them to be accommodated in any ways possible.

At the same time, I wish advocates of “Trans Women Are Women” opened their eyes to possible abuse if the laws and rights in this matter are not extremely carefully considered. It goes for so many potential issues, from bathrooms, changing rooms, prisons, shelters… I am all for freedoms, respect and rights for underrepresented groups – but these rights cannot come at the cost of rights and safety of another vulnerable group.

I am totally opposed to possibility of ever going to a gym changing room and suddenly seeing a dick and balls on someone next to me.

I am totally opposed to female athletes being beaten by someone who maybe weeks prior was competing in male’s sports. I cannot imagine the horror of a woman escaping to a shelter from abuser – and her getting abused in there by another male presenting as a woman.

I have not spoken out. I wish I had the courage – but I don’t.

 I have witnessed so much abuse going towards the much more powerful women out there, I simply do not want to bring this on myself.

I understand that many of the “trans activists” women have good intentions. I understand their desire to improve lives of other vulnerable groups. But I really, REALLY wish they admitted we live in a “real world”, and for every genuinely vulnerable trans woman, there will also be a man who will put on woman’s clothes only to abuse the situation. For this reason, amongst other things I am totally opposed for self-identification, for ability to just say one day “I’m a woman” and that’s it. It needs to be a proper process – we don’t just let people change nationality on a whim, and surely gender change is an even bigger part of identity than this.

I’m sure there are ways where we can find middle ground, protect trans people whilst ALSO protecting women’s (female!) rights. It’s making me really sad that TRA present this as a black-or-white issue, if you have any concerns then you are a terrible TERF.

I am grateful for your work, and thank you for speaking out for those of us who do not have the courage for this. Even following you sometimes feels like risky business.

L, Europe

Self employed / entrepreneurs

I’ve seen male people with money using claims about “gender identity” and “transphobia” to weaponize those sentiments

I’ve understood since I was twelve or so that women and girls are treated unfairly, and been involved in efforts to ameliorate some of that in sport. I’ve similarly understood how the poor, racial and sexual minorities are often discriminated against, and worked to ameliorate that. Although cloaked in the language of “equal rights,” I’ve seen male people with money using claims about “gender identity” and “transphobia” to weaponize those sentiments in ways which cause observable harm to others in sport, social social services, etcetera.

I owe a great moral debt to women and GLB people who have stood up for civil rights, and so see my activism as returning a favor AND ALSO just the right thing to do.

I’m active on social media and have brought it up in a variety of groups I am part of.

I’ve been ejected from local political and online groups for defending female-only spaces, and drummed out of two non-profits which were important to me over these issues.

I write my legislators about issues such as male colonization of female sports, and do such things as letters to the editor which note that sexism and homophobia was the key issue in a local killing, not “transphobia.” A man who hoped to get a woman drunk and rape her freaked out when they discovered “she” was really a man, and what that might mean about the attacker.

I’ve been kicked out of SEVERAL groups for my alleged “transphobia,” although I’ve known and worked with scores of trans people of many ages and both sexes over 20+ years. It has cost me many casual friends, and I’m sure it has cost me business as people avoid or gossip and ostracize me. This is nothing compared to the violence women and Blacks receive, or that I saw against gays and lesbians from the 1980’s forward, so I take it in stride. As a self-employed white man I have a lot of privilege, and can afford to take these hits for many years. I have little fear of male violence, and am not easily intimidated.

Rory Bowman, feels a strong moral debt to feminists and earlier GLBT activists, USA


I’ve delivered a talk to a local group

I care because women’s rights, protections, safe spaces, sports and the right to discuss and campaign regarding our physical issues – ie menstruation, pregnancy, Abortion, contraception etc. All are being undermined by trans demands. All are suffering from self ID.

I’ve spoken up on social media. I’ve had an exchange of emails with my MP. I’ve delivered a talk to a local group. I’ve connected with other local gender critical feminists to discuss issues. I’ve attended WPUK meetings and conference. I’ve tried to discuss multiple times within the Women’s Equality Party – with leaders, Elected officers, staff and members. I’ve spoken up at an equalities training session – I also discussed with the trainer privately.  I’ve written an article for a local magazine on the difference between sex and gender. I’ve had people contact me privately and I’ve supported them with information including individuals trying to deal with a teenage daughter who’s trans and an adult son.

I have been attacked on social media – often by strangers but also by people I know. These attacks have been vicious including telling me I’m transphobic, a bigot, hateful, a nazi, denying the existence of trans people. I’ve been blocked on Twitter and I’m on block lists. Other women involved in the magazine asked me to avoid discussing trans ideology or implications of self ID on women’s rights – They were concerned about the reaction from TRA’s.

Fodo, Feminist, singer, musician and mother, fodohpf

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I didn’t get the chance to finish before I was cut off

This matters to me as I have two young daughters and I am scared for their futures if sex based rights as girls and women are removed. I disagree with trans women participating in women’s sport for reasons for fairness and safety.

I worry about the safety of women and children, myself and daughters included, if the definition of women is expanded to included transwomen. Male bodied persons should not be allowed access to women’s only spaces for reasons of safety, privacy and dignity.

I am not a cis woman. I do not need a prefix to describe myself. I am a woman – an adult human female.

I have raised concerns about teaching gender at school when it was mentioned in a health and well-being session for parents. I didn’t get the chance to finish before I was cut off and the deputy head started talking about gay friends she had that we’re getting married and how wonderful it was, as if I was some massive homophobe.  I have commented on social media but only on topics about children and puberty blockers. I don’t feel confident enough to speak out on other matters, like women’s rights, without fearing a negative backlash and being accused of being a transphobe. This angers me as it is not transphobic to stand up for women’s rights.

I know the school thought I was a homophobe but this will not stop me from speaking up in future, although next time I will perhaps put my concerns in writing so I can’t be cut off. I am self employed so very aware of speaking out, even on women’s issues, as the current climate is so volatile and I fear for being called transphobic and my business being targeted by TRAs.

I am scared to speak out on social media as I feel that I would be judged and perhaps even lose friends.

Mum of Two, Adult Human Female


I had an eating disorder and I think body dysphoria is very common

I care from a few different perspectives. As a mother, as I do think that the trans trend is, in a way, conversion therapy convincing gay young people that there are in the wrong body instead of helping them thought the tumultuous period of adolescence.

I had an eating disorder and I think body dysphoria is very common; if you add that to being gay, I think many young people would be at risk of being persuaded to go on a medicalisation route which can potentially alter their bodies and make them infertile.

I also had doubts when I was a young woman on whether I was a lesbian. I am attracted to masculine women and I think it’s sad that many of them would want to become men.

I don’t think it’s right for trans people with male genitalia to enter a female space ever. Whether that is a prison or a public changing room.

I don’t think MTF should compete in female sport or get recognitions aimed at women.

And I’m tired of the gaslighting that a crossdresser is a woman. I will call them what ever name they want.

I don’t think birth certificates should be altered. I think a gender recognition certificate can be a separate one.

I have written to my MP, contributed to consultations and posted on social media both anonymously and under my name.

I have been bullied on social media. I’m sure if I was more visible I would be more exposed.

Tatiana S, Mother and entrepeneur

Healthcare Self employed / entrepreneurs

I am extremely concerned that trans ideology has very serious issues around child protection

I care because I am a woman and the erasure of women’s rights affects all natal females in terms of our personal care, privacy, safety, sports and careers. I am a parent of a young child and want my son and his peers to grow up free of oppressive gender stereotypes. I also worked with vulnerable children and adults with learning difficulties, including autism, and with the elderly in a hospital setting for many years. As such I am extremely concerned that trans ideology has very serious issues around child protection and child and young adult mental health.

I have contributed to quite a few crowdfunders for women’s rights, sex discrimination and for freedom of speech. I have written to my MP and completed the Scottish GRA consultation questionnaire. I wrote to M&S about their changing room policy. I have signed many petitions and asked my name to be added to letters in support of feminists I follow on Twitter. I retweet a lot but am not confident to share my own voice. I have talked about it with friends, family and some clients at work.

My family and friends (mainly female) don’t like me mentioning it as they don’t understand my concerns and think that I’m overreacting so I tend to avoid it these days. I have to choose who I speak to about the topic quite carefully. This I think is mainly due to their belief that transwomen have all had GRS, that the suicide stats are true and that the ‘born in the wrong body’ ideology is also true. Unfortunately as such they don’t think that the issue will really affect them despite me trying to give them information to the contrary.

Nina C, Self employed/own business

Healthcare Self employed / entrepreneurs

People stay silent; they won’t engage

I care about the protection of women’s spaces, services and sports. I am worried about an ideology that teaches children that if they do not conform to narrow gender stereotypes they were born in the wrong body. I am horrified by irreversible harms done to these children/young people through puberty blockers, hormones and surgery. I believe in freedom of speech and find it incredible that stating biological fact can cost someone their job. I think gender identity ideology is nonsense; but people should have the right to believe it or not believe it as with any idea. I am horrified by the bullying tactics of trans activists who try to stifle debate and punish dissent — it’s authoritarian and that has no place in a democratic society. Good policy and law should be a) evidence based and b) discussed fully and openly.

I have started to talk to friends, written to my MP, attended WPUK meetings and posted about these on social media. I am very open on twitter, more careful on Facebook

I am self-employed so no repercussions at work. But I feel huge stress when talking to people or posting on Facebook because of the fear of being misunderstood and being thought bigoted.But what actually happens is that people stay silent; they won’t engage.

Jan S, humanist, dog lover, adult human female


A man cannot be female and vice versa

I don’t feel that it is right for many reasons. A man cannot be female and vice versa. I do not want to compete in female sporting events and compete against a man. I don’t want a man in a female changing room. They should be a separate category.

I’ve shared posts that I feel appropriate and donated to causes and signed some petitions.

Andrea, Separate category not male and not female 

Healthcare Others

I see it as child abuse

I care because I see it as child abuse- telling children they are born in the wrong body is wrong  and committing them to a life of medication and ill health to promote an ideology based on fantasy, queer theory and profit is hideously wrong!

I also see an erosion of women’s sex based rights that have been hard fought for over time – if a man can simply declare himself a woman it undermines us essentially;  be it in sport, in refuges or any single sex space that is segregated and held for the safety of girls and women . I am aghast that this ideology has taken such hold. Largely autogynephils who are essentially fetishests proclaiming themselves as women. The entire trans umbrella is now a wide apron allowing far too many to stand under in the name of progressive gender politics but is nothing of the kind- it is instead regressive, abusive  and based mostly on narcissist fantasy fuelled by big pharma and bodies with vested interest.

I have written, joined groups, attempted to bring it up at local labour meetings and more.

Yes. I have been shunned by local Labour largely and treated like a pariah for my views.

Shernaz D, Concerned grandmother and woman