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I have a niece who insists everyone refer to them as “they” and they want to get a double mastectomy- they are 17

I care about this issue because gender ideology seems so obviously harmful, with more children and young adults wishing to become permanently medicalized and feeling they have to change their name simply because they don’t want to confirm to rigid sexist stereotypes.

I have a niece who insists everyone refer to them as “they” and they want to get a double mastectomy – they are 17. Other than that, they remind me so much of virtually all of my friends when I was 17. Edgy, into the latest cool look, playing around with image, being provocative in all sorts of ways. The most we did was tattoos, piercings and food-colouring hair.

Double mastectomy?? New name?? Abusing people for using normal pronouns? It’s like a generation has no new ways left to be shocking and this is it.

Ultimately, I care about protecting women’s spaces from this absurdity.

I’ve donated a lot to crowdfunders who aim to protect women’s spaces. Donated to to eg yours Maya, Posie Parker’s, Jennifer James… Many more, but I mentioned JJ because I remember the Labour keep All Women Shortlists female Only campaign was a turning point for me.

Women are excluded from politics, not because they stick some lippy on, but because they are of the sex who fall pregnant, and everything that comes with that.

Unfortunately the JJ campaign seems to be completely stuck in the mud, but that’s where trying to come up against the Labour Party will get you I suppose.

I have replied to more petitions than I can list here.

I have tentatively raised concerns (WRT women’s spaces) with friends and have, to my relief, found many agree with me. My brother is too woke at the moment, but my Dad has been diamond.

Well, my brother said I was “like a racist” because I thought Transwomen shouldn’t be in women’s sports or prisons, and appears to have typecasted me as a bigot, despite myself being very lefty and liberal, so our relationship has soured a bit.

I got “ghosted” by a Canadian friend who works at the BBC, after I stated I wasn’t 101% supportive of R McKinnon (winning women’s world records). I actually thought they might be different.

I haven’t raised the issue with my child’s school or at work at all. I know how risky it can be.

Ophelia Forte, Mum, feminist, gender free


If we don’t have a word for ourselves then we can’t protect our rights

This matters to me because it is a massive women’s rights issue. It is important for women’s safety, privacy, women’s sports, and women’s rights in general, because if we don’t have a word for ourselves then we can’t protect our rights.

I was very active anonymously on Twitter (before getting permanently banned for referring to a male paedophile as “he” and saying women don’t have penises and other such “hateful conduct”). I have attended local feminist meetings on the subject. I have delicately broached the subject with a couple of friends, but not as forcefully as I would like (I am afraid of being branded a transphobic before being given a chance to say my piece).

I have spoken openly in local and national Labour Party Facebook groups but I haven’t said anything publicly on my own Facebook page as I am afraid of the reaction from a few friends (even though I am certain the vast majority of people would agree with me once they have heard the full story, as I’ve said, I’m worried that one or two of them could write me off before giving me a chance to explain my view).

I was suspended several times from Twitter before being permanently suspended (for such heinous crimes as referring to a male paedophile as “he” or saying women don’t have penises). I have had minor arguments with friends (which has put me off talking to any other friends).

Amy S, 31, Bristol

Self employed / entrepreneurs

I could not work out how it was supposed to be ok for an adult male to bash an adult female in the boxing ring

Fairness and safety are the main reasons for my involvement in the issue. Fallon Fox was my entry point to the debate and I could not work out how it was supposed to be ok for an adult male to bash an adult female in the boxing ring. Not fair nor safe for most female sports. Nor is it safe to allow men into women’s single sex spaces like prisons or hospital wards. It certainly is not fair to allow men to take political spaces reserved for women when we have such shockingly low political representation anyway.

I support all the fabulous GC women on Twitter and occasionally on Mumsnet. Support entails sharing information, writing comments, meeting radical feminists in my locality for meetings and talks, attending two WPUK meetings as well as their awesome conference. I did lobby my MP several years ago about the objectification of women in the British press and think the huge underlying problem of male violence against women is why we are pushing back so damn hard.

I am an early career researcher and have remained semi anonymous as Universities seem particularly susceptible to the GenderWoo. Totally dreadful bullying of current female academics just makes me think I will never get employed in an already difficult competitive field if my views are widely known. That said it is obvious to those that do know me who I am online and I lock my account when applying for jobs.



I have a daughter and I want a world that respects her boundaries

This matters to me because I have a daughter and I want a world that respects her boundaries and gives her equal opportunities to those born male. I believe feminism should centre females (those born female) always. Women’s sport should be protected for the 51% born female. We should not be compelled to say things we do not believe to be true.

I’m mostly too afraid to raise such a controversial subject. But it matters when I vote and I changed the way I planned to vote in the last election.

I have done very little that would draw attention to me.

S Jackson, Self employed mother of two

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I am outraged at the lies the gender lobby tell about female athletes

I care very much about the girls and women who are being mistaken or rumour mongered  as masquerading as female , the hurt this causes them , the danger this puts them in.

I am outraged at the lies the gender lobby tell about female athletes and the pretence that males entering female sports is harmless and fair .

Further to the female athlete point I’m also outraged at the lies the gender lobby have been spreading about Michele Obama , the pretence she must be a transwoman or at very least is intersex and must have used surrogates etc. And now the cover up that this was a Republican plot . Trump might be lots of things but he isn’t pretending men can be women or that any girl or woman as tall and intelligent as Michele Obama must therefore be at least a physiologically masculinised female if not a full blown male.

I do not want sex based words to be redefined or the theory that sex is on a spectrum taught in schools. I worry that sex spectrum theory is being /will be used to shame and humiliate girls who are taller than average or have facial features which have been deemed ‘masculine’ by genderists.

I am concerned the whole thing is an attempt to establish a big bad rational dominant men , little good irrational submissive women norm and destroy feminism once and for all along with naturalising male aggression and hiding female passive aggression too.

I’m also concerned about children being manipulated into damaging their bodies and having their wombs removed. And young men being tricked into sexual activity with other men and then being demonised for reacting badly to such abuse too.

I have been posting on social media and newspaper comments sections , supporting crowdfunders , fighting the good fight whenever I get the chance. Since 2017 mainly on Twitter.

I’ve been blocked and given verbal abuse.

Mary, Middle aged mother

Self employed / entrepreneurs

My 19 yo daughter gets upset with me for obsessing about the issue, although she is on-side

Being female is already a disadvantage in many walks of life including business and politics. Hard-fought gains are being lost as people strive to accommodate men who want something more from us. I also worry about my daughter, and myself, and other women, who may lose the privacy and emotional safety of female-only spaces, female healthcare workers, and so on. I feel upset for individual women who have lost a place in a sports team or on a podium because a man took it.

I’ve done a wide range of things. I’ve written to and met with my MP. I’ve written to my county council about their schools trans inclusion advice, several times (trying again now). I’ve taken part in London, UK and Scottish consultations. I’ve donated to several crowd funding campaigns for legal action, and to campaign groups. I help a campaign group with speeches and written submissions. I attended several talks in London organised by LAWS and WPUK. I sat in the visitors’ gallery at the High Court for the first time ever, to hear the Fair Cop case.  I have raised the issue with a group of women at my sports club, and followed up by sharing links. I’ve raised it with my sport’s National Governing Body.

 I changed from my real name on Twitter after some TRAs started piling on and were clearly looking me up elsewhere and making connections, and making references to my work.

My 19 yo daughter gets upset with me for obsessing about the issue, although she is on-side. We’ve had a few rows about it.

F, working in business and sport, DerryBanshee

Voluntary sector

This matters to me personally because of the way some TRAs treat survivors of abuse/rape

This matters to me personally because of the way some TRAs treat survivors of abuse/rape who are unwilling to share female spaces with those who are physically male. More broadly I’m also concerned about safety in prisons and hospital wards and the effects on women’s sports.

I have spoken out anonymously online and there have been some rather heated debates in my workplace.

IC, Cat person, feminist, abuse survivor

Healthcare trans familiy Voluntary sector

My sister is transitioning into a transman

I care as a woman who has been raped about maintaining safe spaces for women. I care as the mother of a girl that she will be able to fully participate in sports without being edged out by a man who was subpar against other men. I care because my sister is transitioning into a transman and I feel that she, as someone who has struggled with mental health since early teens was taken advantage of by online pressure groups and a medical system hell bent on capitalising on her pain.

I have released videos on twitter, spoken out on twitter and in person and most of all I helped found a new political party that is for Scottish independence and also pro women’s rights (Independence for Scotland Party) @IndyScotParty

I have been called a terf by my own sibling. It has caused immense pain and difficulty in my family. I have had death threats. I am contemplating moving out of the country for the safety of my children so I can continue my advocating but keep them safe from those who may do me or us harm.

V, Mum of 4, adult human female

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As a gay man, I thought I was part of a movement which was dismantling gender stereotypes

This matters to me because I’m a gay man who supports feminism. I see sexism as the fundamental structural inequality. It means that women are unsafe in their homes, workplaces and the street and disadvantaged in every part of their lives. It also means that lesbian, gay and bisexual people and all gender non-conforming people (assertive women and feminine men) are under attack.

As a gay man, I thought I was part of a movement which was dismantling gender stereotypes. Now I feel the LGBT movement is reinforcing sexist stereotypes and dismantling the protections and special provisions that are meant to try to rebalance a sexist society. Self ID and encouragement of children to be trans is the opposite of progress.

I want full legal and social protection for trans people who definitely face discrimination but not at the expense of women’s spaces, sports and sexual equality provisions.

I try to discuss through Facebook but am worried about LGBT activists.


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Scotgov have effectively erased adult human females from legislation

This matters to me because pseudo-science, with zero-material evidence to support it, is used promote the lie that children can have a brain that ‘thought processes’ like that of the opposite sex. This is used to commit sterilisation and irreparable FGM on teenage girls and MGM on teen boys….crimes in my opinion endorsed by Government, committed by the NHS. Lifelong damage, just as child sexual abuse causes lifelong damage.

Women and girls safe/r spaces are being destroyed, placing them at greater risk of sexual crimes. Girls being forced to share changing rooms with naked men, as these men can watch girls getting undressed….all came about because Scotgov funded numerous trans-lobby groups who misdirected schools, womens orgs,  NHS, prisons re womens rights to single-sex spaces. Women imprisoned with violent men, incl rapists.

The rights to equal and fair treatment fought for by women…are being taken by men…handed to them by Government. Women’s scholarships, grants, sports opened up to men….effectively re-imposing the disadvantage in society that women fought against. Scotgov have effectively erased adult human females from legislation because any man can ‘identify’ into being a woman. We don’t exist in Law!

The Police, NHS, local Govt, central Govt, Education depts have all been complicit in imposing and enforcing trans-ideology across society.

I have leafleted on the streets and through doors, worked on stalls to inform the public, and talk to everyone I can, every chance I can. left leaflets on buses, chatted at bus stops, in supermarket queues. I have challenged politicians…only to find they are not interested…in fact, they have gaslighted me, used sneering, mocking tones, lyingly misrepresented most of what has been said to them (social media).

Consequences to speaking out have seen me threatened with rape, with being shot, battered. Told I am a bigot, to STFU, and have men tell me, a lesbian, that they are lesbians, been exposed to d*ck pictures. My mental health has been very seriously impacted, to the point of extreme rage, overwhelming hopelessness, violent and suicidal thoughts. There will be no forgiveness for this travesty against women and children.

Les, No forgiveness!