I have a lesbian daughter, and I am appalled at the silencing of women under the guise of progressiveness. It’s dangerous.

I have spoken up wherever I have felt it safe to do so; shared my opinions with friends and family; networked with a wider group of women.

My sister and I ran a campaign challenging gender stereotypes a few years ago – through this we have been ‘outed’ as ‘terfs’ and have received abuse from strangers. I have lost my oldest friend who accused us both of being ‘Terfs’

Emma, Mother, daughter, sister, aunt, campaigner – adult human female

Education Healthcare survivor

I would be halfway through my transition by now

This issue is deeply important to me for many reasons.

I learned about Self ID and was panic stricken as I have been made a victim of sexual violence by men repeatedly, and single sex spaces are vital to my ability to access public services.

I like with chronic pain and C-PTSD as a result of the abuse I have suffered, and single sex spaces help me in managing my physical and mental health when out in public.  I also am a lesbian woman, and was horrified to learn about the new ‘Woke Homophobia’, whereby gender ideology and trans activists insist that men can be lesbians, and that lesbians are same ‘gender’ attracted not same sex attracted. This erases homosexuality, and makes the discrimination lesbians face impossible to address. I am also concerned as a primary school teacher, that child psychology and development is being ignored in favour of lobby groups who have their own aims and dismiss developmental psychology and basic child safeguarding.  And finally, due to sexual violence, I had a period of time where I experienced gender dysphoria and I understand how horrid it feels to feel trapped in your own body, but I know that this condition can be managed and recovered from, and I know that the basis for my dysphoria was sexual violence and my wish to not be a woman and escape sexual violence. Were I 15 years younger, I would be half way through my transition by now and it would have been a catastrophic mistake. I am deeply concerned for young lesbians and children who are being sent down an experimental and physically and psychologically dangerous path, as guinea pigs.

I have led direct action protests, I have spoken to friends and family, I have written to my MP, I have been vocal on social media, I have written an article, I have even shared information with dates!

I have had a Twitter ban, for a tweet that explains queer theory, which was bizarre. I have also had difficult conversations with friends who misunderstand the issues, many however, now support me due to their own observations. The most negative consequences have been during direct action protests where I have been intimidated, spat at, screamed at in my face by trans activists. I was also followed by a trans identified male, and was very unsettled. I am mostly concerned about being harassed by previous abusers, and by male trans activists. I feel frightened attending talks, in case someone is intimidated or violent.

Sofia, lesbian radical feminist activist

Healthcare Parent

The future scandal…will be similar to that of thalidomide

I care because I believe the future scandal over the grievous lack of care for children & young adults who will have suffered permanent physical damage will be similar to that of thalidomide.

I care especially about the thousands of young girls, many of them likely to be lesbian, who have been drawn in via social media grooming, in the context of a society that renders potential female role models invisible.

I care because throughout the world women and girls are discriminated and oppressed on the basis of their sex. They cannot identify out of it. They need safe, specialised, single sex services and spaces.

I have shared & commented on gender critical articles and opinions on twitter. But not before removing all links to my political party from my bio. Not for fear for myself, as I have no political ambition, but in order not to damage by association other women. I do not post about my local party, or my activity within it. I have attended Woman’s Place meetings & posted about them.

I have raised numerous times with my political party, so far to no avail, my dismay that they no longer collect data on sex, a protected characteristic in the 2010 Equality Act. Worse, if members consult the individual data held by the Labour Party, previous data given years ago on sex has been converted without permission to ‘gender identity’, with the entirely false claim that this data has been provided to them by me. It has not!

I am regarded by most party activists as transphobic, as is anyone who speaks up for women’s sex based rights. I am retired, so have no concerns about my employer being pursued. I suspect official complaints will have been made about me.

My male partner, who has a lifetime’s working experience in child protection & investigation of historic child abuse, was called transphobic and dismissed as ‘an old white man’ for daring to mention autogynephilia in a meeting.

Red Swan, Socialist feminist, mother & grandmother


My experiences are the experiences of millions of women

My whole life has been determined by my female sex.

From household responsibilities when my mother left home to adult domestic responsibilities.. from pregnancy,  abortion, miscarriage and childbirth to childrearing and motherhood.. from childhood sexual abuse to teen rape.. from low pay and casual sexism in the workplace to a reduced pension entitlement…from my survival as a female infant to auto immune disease post menopause.

My experiences are the experiences of millions of women, and they are not the result of us identifying as female, but are the cold harsh reality of being born with xx chromosomes and being born as girls

The rights that women have now, the rights we have fought for that give women some level of equality and independence and recognise coercion in relationships and rape in marriage and allow women to have and manage their own money were not ceded by men lightly and were granted on the basis of biological sex. Sex matters

I have become active on this issue on social media and have made blog posts and also discuss this issue socially

I have had my Twitter account suspended for posting GC tweets, I have been harassed on Facebook and I have lost friends in real life who have labelled me transphobic

Kate Styles, Woman, Mother, Grandmother


Our personal spaces are being invaded

I first became aware if this issue when I saw reports about men in women’s sports about 9 months ago. As a sports fan I was outraged and started to look into it on Twitter,  which is how I came across Maya, self id,  Debbie Hayton etc. I had no idea! As a woman and a mother i am outraged that our rights are being disregarded, our personal spaces are being invaded and women are subject to so much violence and abuse.

Until now i have only been brave enough to discuss this within my immediate family, but as a result of seeing this, today I contacted my 25 year old niece to see how much she knows and to voice my concerns. I know she has gay and trans friends but we have had the start of a good conversation and she has asked for more articles to read.

My son refused to discuss as he has trans friends and assumed i was being transphobic.

Diane, Woman, mother

Healthcare Parent

I worry so much about the climate for girls growing up

It matters as it should matter to all women, and indeed anyone who cares about women and children. It’s personal to me because I worry so much about the climate for girls growing up. I have a ten year old daughter and I have spent time trying to instil her right to boundaries, and establishments that should know better are undermining that.

I’m horrified to think we had it better when I was her age, 30 years ago, and that safeguarding is actually deteriorating based mainly on this issue.

I have been vocal on twitter but I’m basically anon there. Fb here and there but am still nervous of it. I have however been in to school, explained my objections to gender leaning sex Ed in primary schools. I’ve spoken to the other parents. I have liaised with the muslim parents at our school many of whom were not aware and are now with me in the fight to get the curriculum changed for our school. Oh and sent links and info from SSA etc, emailed the head and local MP. I’ve complained in writing to my local labour MP, although he was removed because guess what, he’s not safe around young women. I wear my Adult Human Female t shirts and have talked to a lot of trusted friends and family. It’s still not enough.

I have been messaged on Twitter a few times, was verbally abused on Facebook quite publically when I raised concerns about Time Out making such a positive spin on drag queen shows for kids, but nothing personally too threatening, no. Mainly because of not going public on twitter with my real details.


Healthcare Parent

We…should not be gaslit by those supposed to care

This matters to me for several reasons.

I spent several years in women’s refuges with my child and realising that women and children like us, full of trauma, could be forced to accept having males as residents or staff no matter how they identify is deeply worrying and upsetting.

We need this environment to be female and children only and should not be gaslit by those supposed to care. I worry about vulnerable women in prison, in hospitals, on closed wards. I worry that women’s spaces are no longer women’s spaces and that we won’t know until it’s too late. I am deeply concerned about the huge amount of young people who now say they identify as trans and the way they are being constantly affirmed.

I have written letters, attended one meeting, distributed literature, had conversations with refuge staff, I am active on social media under an assumed name, I have spoken to some people in real life, I’ve donated to as many fundraisers as I can, translated information from Scandinavia alongside other small actions

I have been threatened and abused on Social Media and have been unable to speak in my own name through fear of doxxing. I am unable to speak about this socially as it could affect my sons education as we home educate, so since leaving refuge I have chosen to only speak to those I know share my views.

Leonora Christina


It feels dehumanising and mysogynistic

I care about these issues as a woman, and mother of a daughter. Female only spaces, protections and boundaries should be preserved – and it should be based on biological sex rather than gender identity.

I believe my daughter and I have the right to change in an area accessible to natal females only, use female only toilets, and be on a female only hospital ward.

She should not have to give up her space on a girls sports team, girls school or any other space reserved for females, to a male. And this goes for all women and girls.

I have discussed anonymously on social media, and with (trusted) friends and family in real life. I do fear speaking out in my own name, as I have witnessed the unbelievable abuse that numerous other women have been subjected to after speaking out.

Some abuse on social media – which even when posting anonymously is distressing. I’ve been called a “TERF,” a nazi, a cunt, amongst other things… I’ve been told I want trans people “to die” – just by speaking up and saying biological women matter.

I was sent private messages: “Liar Liar, cunts on fire” – It feels dehumanising and misogynistic.

Sabrina, Woman, daughter, mother


No one has asked me or my generation what we feel

I worry about the erosion of women’s rights and safety. I’m upset because no one has asked me or my generation what we feel about these issues.

I have defended other women like JK Rowling on twitter and Facebook and voiced my concerns to family and friends who all agree that the current situation is out of hand

I’ve been abused. Told to go fuck my self and called a TERF ( which I had to look up)!

Mary W, Mother, retired nurse

 [RH1]Left Mary in parents section as her comments don’t refer to healthcare and she’s named herself ‘mother’

Healthcare Parent

As a parent I want my children to grow up in safety

Its basic human rights to feel safe. As a parent I want my children to grow up in safety.

I haven’t done as much as I should. With my children in school I’ve been afraid of the fall out affecting them. My child’s father is in university, which isn’t the best place to be if your partner is a “terf”. He’s concerned I’ll ruin his future.

But I helped in TransRational. A group which fought for fair rights between women & transwomen. It unfortunately failed around the same time as Posie parker went to America.

I’ve been lucky. I get a lot of online abuse. But I generally ignore what I can.